Chapter 855 Divorce

Chapter 855 Divorced

Hu Daxiong lying on the ground and rolling, when he heard Xiao Su’er’s words, his eyes suddenly stopped rolling, and he got up from the ground numbly. Xiao Su’er thought it was her words that had the effect. This person was still afraid of death, and immediately got up when he heard of his cancer.

Unexpectedly, Hu Daxiong did not look like Xiao Su’er thought he was. He was ready to hit Xiao Su’er directly with his fist, “You little bastard dare to curse me, you have cancer. He looks like a vixen, maybe he has some strange disease, and he talks nonsense with his mouth open all day long. You dare to curse me for cancer, and I won’t kill you today.”

He said, really clenching his fist. When she came up to hit someone, Xiao Su’er had reached out and pinched the golden needle in her bag, and was about to pierce him, but his wife ran up and hugged her, “Stop making trouble, what are you doing? You don’t know how to hit someone. Is it illegal?”

When the front desk saw the trouble, she immediately pulled Xiao Su’er back a few steps and looked at the two couples sternly: “Su Ling, just take care of your husband. He can’t do this. If you really dare to do it, I will call the police immediately. He caught it, it was too much! We kindly treated you, but it became ours instead?”

“I know I know!” Su Ling was also a little embarrassed, all of her weather-beaten face was embarrassed. Hugging Hu Daxiong tightly.

“What the hell are you going to do? Are you trying to force me to death? My mother just came here to see her leg. Her leg hurts like that. What happened to the doctor? We didn’t spend any money.”

” Fuck you.” !” Hu Daxiong kicked Su Ling directly, and that kick turned Su Ling to the ground relentlessly, but he didn’t want to stop, and he bent over and grabbed Su Ling by the collar of her. Tugged, watching her curse.

“It’s you, a prodigal wife. You only know how to spend money without making money all day. You can use this money to see a shit Chinese medicine doctor. A few hundred yuan is enough for our family to eat for many days, and you mother Immortal, I can die earlier. It looks like I’m sick, but I just want to spend Lao Tzu’s money.”

After saying this, he slapped Su Ling severely with his bow left and right, and Su Ling was beaten and confused. , The old lady couldn’t see it anymore, she came up to protect her daughter.

“You are too much. I really can’t stand the pain in my legs before I spent your money to see a doctor. What’s more, when my daughter married you, our family gave you a dowry. The house where you live now is also mine. and his wife entire life savings to pay the down payment, I have not wasted your money, and my daughter is a housewife when you ask, Why do you so cruel? “

the old lady said when the tears, did not think of their own The son-in-law was so excessive. Although he said it was bad for them two before, he didn’t say it so excessively. Now he said it too much every time, and he simply didn’t treat the two of them as human beings.

While listening to the old lady’s words, Xiao Su’er despised the man in front of her to the extreme. It turned out that the down payment for the house he now lives in was paid by his mother-in-law, and it seems that this mother-in-law is also a reasonable person. His wife also looks like a virtuous woman. With such a wife and mother-in-law, he should be very happy. Why is he so rascal?

“How? She came with her dowry, she had to pay the down payment, I had nothing, she was still crying and crying to marry me, besides, after marriage, you have to keep your wife’s way, and stay at home is serious What a woman should do, why do you still want her to go out and show her face?”

“Now I have your mother and daughter, you should be grateful, and dare to be arrogant here, let me go, you immortal, It’s just that you

talk nonsense in front of her one day, and you have become more and more arrogant in the past two years. Shinobu, hitting her mother won’t work.

“Enough Hu Daxiong!” Su Ling stopped in front of her mother and yelled at Hu Daxiong, “You are getting too much. Not only are you not as responsible as a man, but you are also becoming more shameless and shameless. You don’t even know your dignity for two years, and you know money, money, money all day long! If you can’t make money yourself, put all your anger on me and my mother.”

“I said I want to go out to make money, you don’t let me . , One day you said I’m a prodigal, why don’t you say yourself? Going to play mahjong and gamble all day, how much money did you lose? My mother just took some money to see a doctor, and you all said he wanted to spend your money, you It’s too much, I think we can’t make it anymore, forget it, get divorced!”

Su Ling vented all her grievances and anger over the years. Hu Daxiong heard her mention divorce, and took it back with a sneer. Hands up.

“Okay, isn’t it just a divorce? Li Li Li, do you think I am afraid of you? Without me, you would just wait to starve to death. And you, the immortal mother, you two have no financial resources at all. Dare to mention a divorce with me. I have taken you all these years because of compassion. Otherwise, I would have kicked your yellow-faced woman aside. If you want to get a divorce, it’s okay!”

“Anyway, the car and the house are mine. I don’t bother to take care of you when you leave the house. You and your immortal mother will stay here. I didn’t need the hundreds of dollars yesterday. Just give it to you. It’s a breakup.”

Hu Daxiong patted his butt and left after saying this . He didn’t listen to what Xiao Su’er said just now, but now his wife talked about divorce instead of telling him. What kind of person is this person? Woolen cloth? Xiao Su’er really couldn’t figure it out.

Su Ling watched him walking away from behind, her tears couldn’t be stretched anymore, she fell to the ground and cried. The old man couldn’t see her daughter being so wronged and cried together with her daughter.

“Mom! I blamed me for making you old and still suffering such a big grievance. It’s because my daughter has no abilities. I shouldn’t marry this unscrupulous man at the beginning. How do I know that he is so desolate and that he will be punished in the future. Ugh…”

Su Ling sat on the ground and cried, her tears streaming down like rain.

“Blame Mom! You should have stopped you at the beginning. You really shouldn’t let you marry this man. There are so many men in the world. Anyone is better than him. Don’t cry. Mom and you move out in the future. It’s the street begging to pick up trash, don’t have to do with him anymore.” The old man also cried sadly, with sad tears on his face.