Chapter 856 The sad housewife

Chapter 856 The sad housewife

Xiao Su’er and the front desk are looking at each other and feel very uncomfortable, and don’t want to drive away the two people, but they didn’t go forward to persuade them, so let them vent, and they can feel better after crying .

The two cried for more than ten minutes before they were considered to have stopped a little, but they couldn’t stop crying. Xiao Su’er stepped forward and pulled Su Ling and the old man to their feet, “Okay, stop crying, come with me. Take a break in the office and drink some water. Now that you are divorced from him, you always have to think about what you will do next.”

Xiao Su’er looked at such a good woman but had such a fate . She felt very uncomfortable in her heart and wanted to help. She handed it.

After Su Ling stood up from the ground, she apologized to Xiao Su’er with a guilty face, “Sorry, doctor, you helped my mother heal the leg, but we still came to your house today to find your trouble. I’m really sorry, I can’t hold him back. . ” “

Never mind, I know you did not want him to, you are unreasonable and elderly people, he too is a rogue, and now is the best out of him, you should’ve divorce should not be You waste so many years of youth by his side.”

Xiao Su’er looked at Su Ling in front of her. Although she had rough skin and some spots on her face, she could see that her facial features were outstanding, and she should have been a beautiful woman when she was young, but it was a pity that she wasted her youth around such a scumbag for so many years.

She took Su Ling and the old lady to the office, and after serving them two cups of hot water, she sat on the side and chatted with them.

“Why would you marry him such a good woman? Why do you want to wrong yourself like this?”

Xiao Su’er couldn’t help but asked the doubts in her heart. Since she saw two people this morning, she felt extremely unfit. Although it seems that Su Ling is just a housewife now, it is just like what her mother said, even if she does odd jobs outside, she doesn’t need to live a life without dignity and grievance by Hu Daxiong’s side.

“He was not like this before. The two of us were also in free love. When he pursued me, he treated me very carefully. He was also very good when he was just married. But after being married for less than three months, he said he could support me. Let me stay home. I am also an independent woman and I don’t want to be a rice bug at home.”

“But he kept saying that the women in their hometown won’t work anymore after they get married, otherwise men will be laughed at by others, and that my mother has always been in poor health. If I quit my job, I can take care of them better at home. She, he said all kinds of good things before I agreed.”

“When I quit my job and stayed at home, I still had a little savings from my previous job, and I was able to afford cosmetics and beautiful clothes to dress up, but later mine When I ran out of savings, he could only use his money. He despised me for using more and more money. He was a little unhappy at first. He said that I would stay at home and wouldn’t go out. What else would I dress up? He was forbidden to buy new clothes. “

I was not allowed to use cosmetics. After that, it became more and more excessive. When I asked for money, he would beat and scold, even my parents didn’t care. Our house was originally a down payment from my parents, but he said my dad. Mom only spends money, and doesn’t help our family…”

Su Ling couldn’t say anything anymore, hiding her face and crying, wondering what she had gained from all these years of hard work?

Now she is just a yellow-faced woman, and she let her mother be wronged along with her. Now that she is divorced, she might not even be able to get a house. By then, she will really take her elderly mother out to sleep on the street.

“What did you do before you quit? You can still do it now. As long as you don’t ask for too much, you can still find a simple job to support yourself. Don’t worry too much. If the down payment for your house is true If your mother paid for it, it would be impossible to let you go out of the house. I will find a lawyer to help you fight the divorce lawsuit.”

Listening to what she said, Xiao Su’er was deeply moved in her heart. Why don’t these men know how to cherish? What good is it for them to have such a good woman who is willing to pay for them, who is willing to take care of him but wants to bully her like this?

Looking at Su Ling in front of her, she couldn’t help but think of herself. Why didn’t she believe in Bo Qingang so much at the beginning? She believed everything he said, but he still failed him.

“I used to work as an accountant in a company. My major in college was also an accounting. When I married him, I was already in charge. The company leaders valued me and said they wanted to promote me as a financial manager. When I resigned, the company’s leaders said it was a pity that she was another woman who didn’t want her own future for the sake of her family, saying that I would definitely regret it.”

“At the time, I vowed that I would definitely not. My husband treated me very well. But I didn’t expect him to be fully exposed in less than a year.”

Su Ling remembered the bits and pieces of the year, and suddenly felt heartbroken. She was so stupid that she was really just saying a few words for a man. Ruined myself for a lifetime.

“Then you have never thought about divorce for so many years? You have not mentioned divorce until now you can’t bear it?”

“Of course, I thought about it when he hit me for the first time, but he did I kept saying that he was wrong, just like all the women who would forgive the scumbag after a domestic violence, I made the same mistake, but he became more and more arrogant afterwards. As long as I dare to mention the divorce, he will only fight harder. The harder I came, I didn’t dare to mention it anymore.”

“And I’m really scared. I’m too old now and I can’t find a job when I go out to find a job. It’s better to just spend my life by his side, if not. He is so arrogant today that he wants to beat my mother in front of outsiders, and it is impossible for me to divorce him.”

Su Ling’s entire face turned red, looking at the mother who was sitting next to her with vicissitudes of life. The face is even more sad.

“You said that your major in university is accounting, so you have experience and a professional counterpart. You can simply stay in our clinic as an accountant! Then your job will be solved, and you will not be afraid of divorcing him. Find a better lawyer to fight the lawsuit.”

Xiao Su’er heard her say that she used to work immediately. She wanted to find a financial worker and arranged to supervise Liu Yan in their clinic. Later, Liu Yan I don’t dare to do little tricks behind my back, it’s just right now!

Although Su Ling said that she hadn’t had a job for so many years, she still had a correct attitude. She would definitely cherish this hard-won opportunity more than others. Let her work as an accountant in the clinic, and she would definitely work well. Can supervise Liu Yan, the best of both worlds!