Chapter 857 Stay as an accountant

Chapter 857 Staying as an Accountant

Su Ling looked at her incredulously when she heard Xiao Su’er’s words, “Really? Can I really come here to work? Can you decide? This clinic is yours at a young age. Is the director of the company?”

“I am not the director here, but I can tell the director and leave you here as an accountant, but can you still remember the specific requirements of the accounting work? You don’t want to be completely I forgot how to work. If I go to the director to recommend you, I will definitely be scolded by the director.”

“I remember! Over the years I have been thinking that if I can go back to work one day, I have never forgotten it. The details of the work, even if you give me the bill and give me the account book, I will still take care of it.” Su Ling nodded hurriedly, for fear of losing this opportunity.

“That’s good, then you wait for me in this office first. I’ll go and talk to the director. If there are no problems, you can stay here and work.”

Xiao Suer agreed directly and went straight out of the office. Director Ben’s office.

“Director, I want to recommend an accountant to you, let her come to our clinic to work with Liu Yan Finance, one finance and one accountant are just right.” Xiao Su’er didn’t say much nonsense, and said straightforwardly. For their own purposes.

The director is a middle-aged man in his forties who has been studying Chinese medicine. Angjia Headquarters directly accepted him as the director of this clinic. Of course he knew that Xiao Suer had some background. After all, he was sent directly by the company. People who are Chinese physicians.

Although he was not like other flatterers, he knew that he could not offend Xiao Su’er at will, not to mention that she was just coming over to make suggestions.

“Doctor Xiao, why do you want to hire another accountant? Although other small companies are separated from accounting and accounting, our clinic is small and does not require two people. Liu Yan has been responsible and serious for so many years. There is no need to recruit another one, right?” The

director did not directly refuse, but he did not agree, and even picked up the phone directly, “I will let Liu Yan come over and discuss it. If she feels that her work is a bit too weak, then We can consider recruiting one more.”

Xiao Su’er subconsciously wanted to stop the director from calling Liu Yan, but it was fine to ask her to come over. She directly said that there was a problem with her accounts. Behind the scenes said it was slandered.

The director took the phone and dialed Liu Yan’s number. “Liu Finance, come to my office.”

“Okay, director! I’ll be here soon.” Liu Yan answered quickly and went to the director’s office immediately. office, see Xiao Su children also face a change after deliberately stood some distance away from her, please look at the director said: “What? You What can I do for you.”

“Well, the doctor said Xiao suggested that we The clinic recruits another accountant, so I specifically asked you to come over to discuss this issue. Do you think you have a big problem with your work now?” When the

director spoke in a very calm tone, he just wanted to ask about it, but he didn’t. Thinking that Liu Yan heard him say this, she immediately shook her head like a frying pan.

“Why do we need to hire one more accountant? I will be enough for the financial staff of our clinic. The clinic is so small that there is no need to hire one more. Shouldn’t it be necessary to increase revenue and reduce expenditure? Why do I need two people to do things that I can do alone? Necessary, I have been alone for so many years.” When

she spoke, she felt very hurried, as if she was afraid that the director would directly decide to hire another accountant.

Xiao Su’er stared at her next to her, sinking her heart to listen to her heart, and really heard the guilty thoughts in her heart: How could it be possible to hire another accountant? Then, didn’t all the things I did show up? Never!

Lin Su’er raised her eyebrows when she heard her heart. She didn’t say much about other reasons, but directly pointed out the most important reason to the director.

“The reason why I want to hire another accountant is very simple, because I think there is a problem with the accounts of our clinic, so let’s find another person!”

“What do you mean? What is the problem with the clinic’s accounts? Where is the problem? Which one? You say!” Although Liu Yan is very guilty, she knows that she can’t show it at this time. Still questioning Xiao Suer loudly.

She feels that even if Xiao Su’er really has medical skills, she shouldn’t understand financial knowledge. Even if she discovered that the prices on the purchase orders were incorrect in the warehouse that day, it was impossible to find traces of fraudulent accounts. It had to look nothing. Not a guilty conscience will make the director feel that she has a clear conscience.

“I’m not a financial professional. Of course, I can’t say that in detail, but the director can ask someone I recommend to check the account to confirm it. By the way, I can check her professional quality before deciding whether to use her. “

Xiao Suer calmly refuted Liu Yan’s excited questioning, but Liu Yan was also a little at a loss. She could only look at the director and said worriedly, “Director, you believe me, there is absolutely no problem with my accounts. The clinic has been working diligently over the years. You should know that I have never made any mistakes in my work, and I have never even been late!” The

director originally considered from her standpoint, but she explained that. Some people here have no silver three hundred taels, but the director is still shaken, watching Xiao Su’er nodded, “Well then, just find the person you recommended. How old is she now and what school graduated? Work experience How many years?”

“She graduated with a major in accounting, but she has been a housewife for many years and has previous work experience!” Xiao Suer said of Su Ling’s experience without embellishment.

The director began to frown, “Housewife? Her little work experience has been worn out in so many years of family life, okay? It’s really easy to make mistakes if you let her over as our accountant. Even if you want to recruit an accountant again, you can’t find someone with no work experience like this.”

“Director, please take a look and talk about it first. She is really serious and hardworking. I called her over and we went straight.” Inside the archives room! I remember that all the accounting information from the opening of the clinic to the present is stored there, right?”

Xiao Suer said, looking at Liu Yan from the corner of her eye, and she could see that her whole expression was almost tense. Lived, his face was frightened, and all that was revealed in his eyes was panic.

She wanted to say something more, but the director had already agreed, and she could only stand on the side trembling and not daring to speak.

Xiao Suer went to the office, took Su Ling to the archives, and encouraged her with a smile, “Look at these accounts carefully. If you have any problems, you must point them out. I believe you.”