Chapter 859 Free babysitter

Chapter 859 Free Nanny

Hu Daxiong sitting in the living room and hearing the sound of the key turning the keyhole, he immediately turned his head and looked at the door. After seeing Su Ling entering the door, he made a disdainful voice from his nose, “Huh! You! You still know how to come back? I immediately knelt down to apologize, knocked my head a few times, maybe I will forgive you, pick you and your old and undead mother back to live, not let you sleep on the street.”

He took it for granted that Su Ling was back. She confessed her mistake to him, thinking she knew the reality clearly. A middle-aged woman like her could not live without herself. But Su Ling ignored him and went straight to the bedroom. Xiao Su’er followed her behind. I went to the bedroom to help pack things together.

Hu Daxiong heard the sound from the bedroom in the living room, thinking that Su Ling had come back to move things on purpose and wanted to sell them and steal his things.

He immediately rushed into the bedroom and saw that Su Ling was packing her clothes in the bedroom. She didn’t take any extra items. Even when they got married, the gold ring was taken off and placed on the bed. This is how she is. The only piece of jewelry for many years, but at the moment she is not rare, and would rather be alone than want to be wronged again.

Upon seeing this, Hu Daxiong kicked her suitcase open, grabbed her by the collar, and forced her to look at herself, “What are you doing? You’re really going to run away from home, you don’t even watch it.” Look away from me, will you survive?”

“Let go!” Xiao Suer looked at him, pushed his hand away and protected Su Ling behind him, “You have already agreed to a divorce just now, so you can choose a day, you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the divorce certificate. , She has nothing to do with you anymore, don’t you dislike her for using your money? She will never use your money anymore.”

“What’s the matter with you, doctor? This is our family affair! Even if I want to If you divorce her, you won’t have your turn to gossip here. Get out of here, or wait for me to clean up you!” After

Hu Daxiong scolded Xiao Su’er a few words, he continued to turn towards Su Ling behind her, saying badly: “ You come here, did I let you go? You said divorce and divorce, how could it be so easy, I didn’t bother to care about with you, thought you would figure it out for yourself, and you still don’t know your mind for a long time, even at this age. Older, what else can you do if you leave me?”

“I’m afraid it can only go to picking up trash, knelt down and begged me, I can continue to shelter in at home, which gave me a nanny, reward you eat, otherwise they starve to death waiting for it, you are a smelly bitch child!”

Hu Nobita directly expressed his nasty thoughts at home, that he wanted to tie Su Ling by his side and be a nanny who didn’t need money. He didn’t treat her as his wife at all.

“I would rather go out to pick up the trash than to be a free babysitter for you at home. Live it by yourself! I will never want to see you anymore. I will leave after finishing my own and my mother’s clothes today. I will never take any more. You get a cent.”

Su Ling was no longer conscientious as before, and loudly refuted Hu Daxiong’s words.

“Free babysitter? I give you food, drink, and clothes for you. It’s free. Don’t you eat money? Isn’t the money your mother wears? You also take my money to see the doctor. Did I say anything? You and your mother are really unfamiliar with white-

eyed wolves , aren’t they? Then I will kill you today!” Hu Daxiong heard Su Ling’s words, just like an emperor whose authority has been provoked, he took aside. She was going to beat Su Ling on her clothes rack. She didn’t look like she was dealing with his wife at all, but like a child who had done something wrong. It would be relieved if she had to beat her.

But he ran forward cursingly but suddenly stopped. Xiao Su’er forcefully pierced the golden needle into his acupuncture point and pulled Su Ling back two steps, “Hurry up and pack your and your mother’s clothes, leave him alone. “

Su Ling thought it was amazing, she stared at the golden needles on Hu Daxiong and asked, “That’s it? I thought the golden needles on TV to seal the acupoints and point people are all deceptive, and it’s true for a long time. Yes, Su’er, you are so amazing!”

She sighed and immediately squatted down and put all the clothes in the suitcase. Although it was two people’s clothes all year round, the two suitcases were completely full. Now, one can imagine how frustrated they have been these years.

Su Ling packed her clothes, pulled the suitcase, and was about to go out without even looking at Hu Daxiong. “Let’s go quickly and leave him alone. Otherwise, after you take the gold needle away, he will definitely go crazy again. It won’t be good if it hurts you at that time.”

“I have to take the gold needles off for him. If others come to take them, it is likely to be dangerous, and he must die to understand.”

Xiao Su’er turned towards Su Ling. She smiled comfortingly and asked her to go outside with the suitcase. Only Xiao Su’er and Hu Daxiong were left in the room. She stepped forward and pulled out the gold needle from Hu Daxiong.

“Huh…” Hu Daxiong slumped down immediately after he lifted the shackles. He had been in the same posture for so long, and his muscles ached. He was a little frightened when he looked at Xiao Su’er. The girl is just a liar, she doesn’t know much medical skills at all, but she didn’t expect that she would use gold needles to seal the acupuncture points like the TV show.

He was worried that Xiao Su’er could kill him with just a few shots, and he didn’t dare to provoke her again, but he cursed and said, “What are you doing, do you want to make money and kill you? Su Ling is my wife, we haven’t gotten it yet. For the divorce certificate, she must listen to me. You ask her to come back to me.”

“From today on, she is no longer your wife, and you don’t have to keep saying that she can’t find a job. She will be the accountant of our clinic in the future. , I tell her where she works now because I am not afraid of you at all. If you dare to come and ask her for trouble in the future, don’t blame me for giving you a few more shots.”

“Honestly go and get the divorce certificate from her. As for your house, you will find a lawyer to fight the lawsuit at that time. You just need to be ready! I warn you again, don’t play tricks on me, and you are not allowed to look for it again. Her trouble!”

Xiao Su’er stretched out her index finger and said these words threateningly towards Hu Daxiong, then turned and walked out of the bedroom.

In fact, it can be seen that the decoration of this house is still good, and the all-European decoration is large enough. They have calculated it well in this city. Even if Hu Daxiong looks like a greasy middle-aged man, he still has something on him. For a few brands, I want to make a lot of money in a month, but sometimes the class of a person’s life does not represent the quality of the person.

Marrying such a man is really the worst thing in my life.