Chapter 860 Randomly edited video

Chapter 860 Randomly edited video, what

Xiao Suer didn’t know was that after she walked out of the community, Hu Daxiong was still staring at the backs of her and Su Ling at the window, gritted his teeth with resentment, “You’re a dead doctor, you wait for me. Now, I won’t kill you and my surname is Hu!”

He was originally a character that must be compared with each other. He can’t bear the slightest grievance and suffer no loss. Xiao Su’er has caused him to lose such a big person. How could he give up so easily? I’m looking for a place to make up for it.

Thinking about this, he immediately got into action and ran straight to the restaurant next to Xiao Suer’s clinic.

Xiao Su’er took Su Ling to a cheap rental house, and then left after renting the house. She was busy all day long, but it was considered as helping someone, and she felt very comfortable in her heart. When she went to pick up Xiao Wang The smile on his face couldn’t hide.

“Mom, are you happy to go to work today?” Xiao Wang got into the car and saw the smile on Xiao Su’er’s face, and laughed at her.

“My mother helped an aunt today, and that aunt will be able to live a happier life in the future. My mother thinks about it and feels happy for her.”

“Is it? That is indeed a joyful thing, helping others!” Xiao Wang took out his PDA from the passenger seat and was operating something.

Xiao Suer drove the car and didn’t care to read the content on his computer. She could only look straight ahead and ask, “Mengbao, what are you looking at? Has your team received any tasks?”

“No, I’m watching some entertainment news. I think the entertainment industry in this mainland is developing very strangely. The various dramas produced are of no quality at all. They are ridiculously higher than the pay of the top actors when we were overseas. I want to study the reason for this phenomenon.” When

he spoke, he didn’t feel anything he wanted to know. It was beyond his age range. Xiao Suer could only smile casually after listening. This child wanted to understand. You can understand everything, if you can’t stop it, just let him go.

Xiao Su’er didn’t know what the news about her on the Internet had become. It wasn’t until Xiao Wang returned to Angjia Manor with Xiao Yuhan that Xiao Yuhan ran out hurriedly holding his mobile phone. Xiao Su’er hadn’t parked the car. He heard his angry voice outside.

“Sister, when you look at these people on the Internet, you simply don’t have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Listening to the wind is rain. If you see a video, you will say that you are an unscrupulous doctor. It’s too much!”

“What video is an unscrupulous doctor? You What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?” Xiao Suer opened the door after she stopped the car. She still couldn’t understand what Xiao Yuhan meant, but Xiao Wang, who was sitting next to the co-pilot, heard what Xiao Yuhan said, immediately. Web search is opened.

As long as you type out the words “unscrupulous doctor”, you will immediately jump out of an exposed post on the Internet. There are thousands of people discussing, and they are all angrily condemning the doctor in the post.

“Where there is such a person qualified to be a doctor?-Patient relationship is because such people would be getting stronger stiff, her doctor’s license should be revoked, and never let her practice.”

“Too shameless, so true Unscrupulous doctor, boycott her! This kind of person is simply losing the doctor’s face when he is alive.”

“To be so unreasonable and arrogant at such a young age, she will become the kind of old man who touches porcelain when she gets older. This kind of person should suffer a bit of social spurs.”

Xiao Yuhan handed the phone to Xiao Su’er. As soon as she lowered her head, she saw the post and the video attached to the post.

“Dear netizens, enthusiastic citizens, here I want to expose a bad doctor. My mother-in-law used to treat rheumatism and leg pain in their clinic, but the night passed by not only did not get better, but also became more and more painful. I suspect that they had acupuncture and moxibustion. The problem, bring mother-in-law and wife to the door to ask for an explanation.”

“But this female doctor not only has a bad attitude, she is unwilling to admit that it was her treatment mistake, but also that it was our own problem. In the process of theory, she even abused. , I really can’t see it, and after a couple of sentences, she started directly. For this kind of doctor who beats the patient’s family, do you think you are qualified to be a doctor?”

The post was about a family that had been persecuted by unscrupulous doctors, but Xiao Suer had no idea what the post meant. Could it be her? But she has never beaten the patient’s family members, and since she arrived at the clinic, she has only treated Su Ling’s mother.

She clicked on the video attached to the post. What she saw was an edited video. There was no sound in the video, but she could see the picture. On the screen, Hu Daxiong began to wander outside the clinic several times before entering. Inside the clinic.

Moreover, the picture did not reveal the process of Hu Daxiong’s dazzling majesty, but after seeing him say a few words to Xiao Su’er, Xiao Su’er stretched out his hand to beat him, and then Hu Daxiong lay on the ground.

The two-minute video does indeed look like a bad doctor impatiently moving his hand towards the patient’s family, but Xiao Su’er, who has experienced all this, knows that this is purely Hu Daxiong’s slander and the process of touching porcelain. Cut it out, but cut out the wave of her hand, from the angle of this video, it looks like she really hit him.

Such a video recording, coupled with his reversal of right and wrong, will definitely be scolded, and Xiao Su’er will know it without even going through the comments.

“How do these adults’ brains grow? Don’t you know that the video can be edited? And just this one piece of video with no dialogue can prove what, so many people scold their mothers, I can now understand why this mainland entertainment star I was pushed to such a high position.”

Xiao Wang jumped out of the car and looked a little angry, but Xiao Suer returned the phone to Xiao Yuhan plainly. Maybe this Huaxia Continent is in conflict with her character, as long as one When she comes back here, she must suffer cyber violence, exactly the same as five years ago.

“Mengbao don’t care about them. They said they stopped automatically after two days on the Internet. The more we argued, the more we felt guilty. Anyway, I don’t have to be afraid of them slandering.”

Xiao Suer took Xiao Wang’s hand and walked into the house, she still looks like As it was five years ago, I didn’t care about these online comments.

“Sister, are you sure you don’t care? The address of your clinic was revealed at the end of this post. At that time, I am worried that some people who can’t figure out the truth will come to the clinic to trouble you.”

Xiao However, Yu Han still felt very worried. She had seen the scenes of students in the Imperial Capital University scolding each other in order to chase stars, and she deeply knew how much the Internet has had on people.