Chapter 861 Missing people appear

Chapter 861 The Missing Person Appears

“No, even if someone comes to the clinic to trouble me, I can deal with it. You two don’t need to worry about me. The more you care about these people, they will only The more vigorous.”

Xiao Su’er still looks like this is irrelevant. Xiao Yuhan knows that her sister had also suffered a lot of online violence five years ago, but she came here and did not hurt her every time. Feel relieved, thinking that there should be nothing wrong.

On the other side, Bo’s Building.

Sitting in the conference room, Bo Qingang was discussing the next work plan with various departments. After watching the three-hour meeting, he deployed the work of the next big project to each department.

“Well, today’s meeting ends here. Go down to make a good work plan. The director of each department will report to my office tomorrow. It is best not to make a mistake.”

Bo Qingang raised his hand and glanced at the time on the watch, and announced the end of the meeting lightly. He could feel everyone in the meeting room breathe a sigh of relief in an instant, and his nerves almost collapsed during these three hours. Now, having a meeting with Bo Qingang is like holding a submachine gun and charging into battle.

After everyone had walked out of the meeting room, Bo Qingang stood up and finally walked out of the meeting room, but just as he stood up, Zhang Song rushed into the meeting room with his mobile phone from the door, and said anxiously: “President Bo Great news! I didn’t expect your instincts to be right. You actually guessed that she is still alive.”

Zhang Song was so excited that she forgot to say that name for a while, and that had troubled his boss for five years. name.

“What are you talking about?” Bo Qingang was a little tired after having a three-hour meeting, and looked at the assistant’s incoherent appearance even more upset.

“President Bo! Miss Lin Su’er is whereabouts. I saw a video on the Internet. The woman in the video is her. It hasn’t changed at all from five years ago, except that her hair has grown a little longer.”

Zhang Song excitedly dropped out of the Internet. The popular post opened the video and put the phone in front of Bo Qingang.

Although there is no sound in the video, the person is very clear. It is the person he thinks about day and night. Those eyes are so familiar, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Bo Qingang’s hands began to tremble slightly, and he finally found the person he had been looking for for so long, and it was in this city, less than half an hour’s drive from him. He wished to rush to Lin Su’er right away. Hugging her and telling him all his thoughts over the past five years.

“Where is the address of this clinic? You can find it out for me, as well as their commuting hours. I want all the information.”

Bo Qingang said this paragraph as calmly as he could. He knows that the current time is normal. The clinic was already off work, and he couldn’t find it even if he went to look for it. Everything had to wait until tomorrow, and I could see her tomorrow.

It’s been five years, more than five years have been waiting, why are you afraid of such a while?

“Yes, I will investigate and report everything to you immediately, but Mr. Bo, there are a lot of comments that are unfavorable to Miss Lin Su’er on this post. Miss Lin seems to have changed her surname to Xiao now, with the same surname as Dean Xiao.”

“And there are many on the Internet. People began to say that Ms. Lin had no academic qualifications, but when she came to the clinic as a doctor, she must have been airborne, and she had no skill. The Internet was full of scolding.”

Zhang Song had read all the comments before he entered the conference room. Those comments were very civilized at first, without any dirty words, but the more they said it, the more dirty words were at the end, they were all insults. Other people’s vocabulary.

“I’ll wait until tomorrow I’m sure it’s Su’er…” After Bo Qingang finished this sentence, he thought about it and then ordered: “You should investigate what is going on, Su’er. It’s impossible to beat the patient’s family, so you can figure out all the ins and outs of the matter.”

“Yes!” When Zhang Song saw the video, he had no doubts at all. He was sure that it must be Lin Su’er. In the past five years, he I have been following Bo Qingang’s instructions to look for Lin Su’er everywhere at home and abroad. This face can be remembered more clearly than anyone. Even though the girl in the video is a lot thinner than five years ago, it is definitely Lin Su’er, and there is no doubt about him.

Xiao Su’er woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about the scene in her dream and wished to slap herself twice. Why did she suddenly dream of Bo Qingang? In the past five years, she would dream of him only when she had just gone overseas. Since Xiao Wang was born, she has pounced on the child with all her heart, and hasn’t dreamed of Bo Qingang for a long time.

The old man said before that if someone misses you very much, you will see him in the dream. Isn’t Bo Qingang thinking of her now?

Just having this idea, Xiao Su’er immediately shook his head and threw this absurd idea out of his head, how could he miss her.

For so many years, there are other people by his side to accompany him, and it is estimated that she has been thrown out of the sky a long time ago, and he can’t remember it at all.

Then why did you dream of such a strange dream tonight, in the dream that she was holding her tightly, almost suffocating her, it felt like she was his baby, there was no other extra words, Just holding her.

This dream has no beginning or end, and no other plot, just a long hug. What does this mean?

Xiao Su’er sat on the bed and couldn’t figure it out, so she turned over and got out of the bed, holding the water glass beside the bed and going to the living room downstairs to pick up a glass of water, but just after she got out of the room, she heard something coming from Xiao Wang’s room next door. The sound of keyboard strokes.

“What time is it? Is the child still asleep?” Xiao Suer clearly remembered that she only returned to her room when she watched Xiao Wang fall asleep. Why is the child playing on the computer now?

She lightly stepped, and quietly pushed open Xiao Wang’s room door, and really saw him sitting in front of the computer, with an ageless seriousness on his face, speaking fluent English into the earphones.

After Xiao Su’er went overseas, her English level was also increasing day by day. It was many times better than when she first crossed to the Chinese mainland, but now listening to Xiao Wang’s words, she couldn’t understand it, because his words contained There are too many technical terms involved, and Xiao Suer happens to know nothing about the IT industry.

“Mengbao, why didn’t you sleep at night and what are you doing?”

Since you don’t understand, just push the door and ask for clarity! Xiao Su’er opened the door, and Xiao Wang immediately looked towards the door, but he was still operating and closing all the pages.

“The people in the team have a bad time. Just when they found me, I got up and chatted with them.”