Halo Luck fortune Story

Halo mean good fortune due to past good deeds, luck, lot (to climb no further)

*** Halo Story *** Charity fortune … !!! The bad luck … !!! Up to the sky … !!!

“The friendliness of the animals” are various … Well, good and bad … * “Ascension is according to personal needs” * …

Is the fortune that is always greater than the fortune, the evil that is … Some people have already had a great fortune. “But dating a bully” … Halo may also be like a bully.

Some ascendancy is still weak. “But dating with graduates” Wassana was promoted to graduate. Some people are friendly, not bad, not bad, not bad. Ascendancy was moderate

Therefore, individuals should try to graduate To postpone his own fortune … To rise higher in order … !!!

…. Reverend Grandfather Mun Phuritto, Cr.