Humans are “suffering” because they do not know the dharma

Humans are “suffering” because they do not know the dharma.

What is a good life with true happiness?

❝ Human problems are Caused by not knowing the truth of natural law. And trusting things incorrectly Therefore causing the natural laws to persecute and oppose all the time

Human suffering In total, it is .. being wound upon oppression of change. Absolute impermanence The original condition was not permanent, according to the factors.

Things have changed We want one thing to change, it turns to another. We want it to remain But it broke into something like this, it forced us to press our mind, we are suffering.


❝ Every human wants a good life And have real happiness And we lived our life trying to do everything to find this

But then .. Humans have experienced this kind of problem. Because he endeavors to not know what is good life and true happiness?

Summarize that … The principle of creating a good and happy life is nothing more than access to the Dharma. Unity

When do we reach a good life? Have real happiness Is .. access to the Dharma. In short, “When true happiness comes to Dharma”

After saying this All of you will not be worried that you will see that stepping into the Dharma is a match with Our “destination of life” is already ❞

Somdet Phra Phutthakasachan (Por Payutto)

Source: From the book “Dharma, short learning version”. Amen