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Eunho’s (Her Strange Night Guest)

은호 님의 <기묘한 그녀의 밤손님>

Lee Ga Seo-rim (李家書林).

Joo-hee, who ran an old bookstore where the traces of many years are still felt,

One day, I receive a notice of termination of the lease contract, such as Cheongcheon Byeokki .

I don’t think I can sit on the street

Joo-hee visits Shin-woo Park, the building owner and chairman of Hansung Group .

But the first meeting with the building owner ,

A naked meeting that seems to stick his nose to his bare chest .

Moreover, he , I haeoh strange to offer to meet only three times, without prejudice … … .

“ One thing , can I make a suggestion ?”

” Yeah ? What ?”

” Me and give met three times , tooth lease of seorim , let’s think about going back to writing .”

With Joo-hee, a woman who has to protect her teeth somehow

Shinwoo’s bizarre romance, who tries to trap her .

‘ Her strange night guest ‘!

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