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Modern Family S11 Episode 15

Episode 15: Adoption Decision, Recruitment and Interview

Cameron and Mitchell have been awake at night these days, because the adoption agency called and their application was approved, and they happened to have a cute baby boy. The time for the final reply was at 6 o’clock this afternoon, and the two were very entangled. Whether to adopt or not to adopt is a question. In order to make a decision, they enumerated the advantages and disadvantages of adoption. For example, there can be one more person in the family, cute baby dad, but there are not enough rooms in the family, and they are afraid that Lily has opinions.

Since you can’t make up your mind, it’s better to ask Lily. Lily immediately jumped up to support her when she heard that the fathers were about to adopt again. With one more child in the family, she will stay overnight at a classmate’s house and no one will care about it. Mitchell and Cameron were taken aback, feeling fooled. Lily’s words left them in deep thought again. Now that they are adopted at this age, when the children go to high school, they are almost 70, which is another problem.

For older mothers, you should ask Gloria, although she has never admitted that she was in her 40s when she gave birth to Joe. In the mansion sold by Gloria, the two also did not find the answer. Gloria didn’t think they were ready, but Cameron was disappointed and focused on the house. Gloria smelled of making money like a jackal, and talked about the benefits of this house. It has a large area and many rooms, and it is still in a good school district.

Gloria talked so much that Cameron and Mitchell were a little tempted. At this time, an intermediary called again, and another buyer would make an offer at 6 pm. It was another decision to be made before six in the afternoon, and Mitchell felt exhausted physically and mentally. Cameron also understands that he is not suitable for raising a family, and buying a big house and adding another child is a huge burden for any family. When the adoption agency called, Mitchell hesitated for a while before saying “willing to adopt.” Cameron hugged her husband excitedly, and didn’t forget to wink at Gloria secretly, and he could draft the contract.

Alex is wearing expensive formal wear, high heels worth thousands of dollars under his feet, carrying a brand-name bag in his hand, and picking up and picking up the company’s high-end SUV. Today is of special significance. I want to go back to my alma mater, California Institute of Technology, to recruit research talents for the company. Back then, four years of college life, she was a nerd in the eyes of others. Nowadays, the crow has turned into a phoenix, no matter how good it is to return home. However, when he first entered the campus, he was boycotted by a bunch of bookworms, accusing Alex’s company of profiteering, a typical big chaebol.

Alex was about to sneer when he suddenly saw Alvin, his former mentor and boyfriend, and the meeting seemed a bit awkward. Alvin stopped the students, chatted with Alex and left after learning more about the situation. As soon as Alvin left, the protest began again. Alex rushed into Alvin’s office and asked if he was taking the lead. Alvin admits that it is not worth it for his most proud student to do things for capitalists. He now has a project to develop artificial intelligence to search for cosmic creatures. He needs talents like Alex, but he cannot afford to pay a high salary. Alex took off his expensive high heels angrily. She immediately resigned and joined Alvin’s project team.

Today is also very special to Claire. After months of not working, she finally found a very suitable job, the finishing specialist of the “good product” chain store. It is the best of both worlds to be able to work and earn money, but also to satisfy my obsessive-compulsive disorder. The interview was conducted through a video. Claire specially set up a shelf behind the office chair in the study to sort the office supplies into different categories and put them neatly.

At this time, Phil asked Lao Zhang Renjie to repair the cracked staircase, which was very annoying. Claire looked at his watch, it was almost time, and while calling Dad to mute, he rushed upstairs to change clothes. As a result, he stepped on the pedal and got stuck on the stairs. Jie opened the door of the stairs, and a blast of moisture came out. He couldn’t understand why Phil couldn’t go to the supermarket to buy mushrooms like normal people, and he had to drive his humidifier to grow fungi under the stairs. No wonder the stairs would crack. After a few complaints, Phil was stuffed with a mushroom in his mouth, and it really tasted good.

Claire’s foot was stuck between the two water pipes under the stairs, and it was too late to saw the water pipe. There was no other way but to take down the shelf, Phil and Jie carried them all by themselves, lining Claire’s back. Claire was interviewing on the stairs, but Jie was allergic to mushrooms, itchy, and sneezing. In the end, it really couldn’t hold it, and the shelf slid down the stairs to pieces.

With a look of astonishment on the other side of the video, Claire simply admitted that the home she lived in was a mess. When I was bored, I would hide in the study and sort out the tags to ease my mood. With this sentence alone, Claire got her dream job as she wished.

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