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Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost

Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost (Novel)
Other Name:  完美先生和差点小姐
Genre: novel, romance
Author: Wanzhi
Year: 2017
Chapter: N/A
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What kind of experience is it to fall in love with people who are much different in age? Thank you for your invitation. He was eight years apart from her husband, so he knew each other on a blind date. I probably feel that I am not young anymore. When the two quarreled, my husband swept his eyes, and felt that he had returned to the state where he was afraid of being out of the air when his parents were caught in trouble. My husband taught me three combos every day: “You dare to talk back to me, eh?” “How do you talk to your elders?” “Why are you disobedient?”. The husband often said that it is no different from raising a daughter. Of course, older people are more likely to spoil people.

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