World Heritage Sites Story and Detail

World Heritage Sites (France: Patrimoine Mondial) is a place that includes forests, monuments, buildings Including city Selected by UNESCO since 1972 to indicate the value of what humankind Or nature has created And how should they be protected? To pass on to the future. There are 1073 world heritage sites in 167 countries around the world. Which is divided into 832 cultural heritage sites, 206 natural world heritage sites and 35 more combined in both categories. [1] [2] Italy is the country with the highest world heritage number, 53. Will refer to each world heritage site by number But many times the registration will integrate the already registered World Heritage into a part of the world heritage which has more space Therefore, there are more than 1,200 world heritage sites, even if they have fewer world heritage sites.

Each of the World Heritage Sites is the property of the country that owns the land where the World Heritage is located. But was considered to be the benefit of the international community in the conservation of that world heritage

The process of nominating a place:

Countries wishing to nominate places in their countries to be considered for registration as a World Heritage Site First, a list of all important natural and cultural sites within their home country must be created. This account is called Tentative List, which is very important. Because only the place named in this account will be eligible for nomination. Next, that country will have to choose the name of the place to nominate from the preliminary list. In order to create a file (Nomination File). The World Heritage Center may give advice and help in creating this data file.

At this stage Data files will be reviewed and considered by 2 organizations, including the International Council for the Care of Monuments and Archaeological Sites. (International Council on Monuments and Sites: ICOMOS) and the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of the Cultural Property (ICCROM). And the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and these three organizations will submit recommendations to the World Heritage Committee. The Board of Directors will meet once a year. To determine which nominated sites should be registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Or the committee may request the nominated country to provide additional location information By considering whether to register any place, the characteristics must meet one or more standards.

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