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Modern Family S11 Episode 16

Episode 16: Moving House, Wine Tasting and Easter Eggs

Mitchell and Cameron were busy packing and moving. The house is full of memories. Cameron is sentimental, chattering about the old furniture, as if saying goodbye to an old friend. Mitchell was a bit disapproving, but when he arrived at the new home, a trace of regret arose in his heart, always feeling that it was not pleasing to look at. Gloria was not surprised by this situation, and the great mentor Phil named it the regretful emotions of the client after buying the house. The solution is simple: bid farewell to the old house.

Talking to a house is silly no matter how you look at it. When Mitchell was forcibly dragged into the old house by Gloria and left alone in the living room, many scenes from the past appeared before her eyes. Those memories are like old friends. Mitchell chatted with them one by one, said goodbye one by one, and felt much better.

When Mitchell said goodbye, Cameron was still thinking about how to engage in a simple and creative welcoming ceremony. At this time, the adoption agency called and the child was born early. The sudden good news left Miguel and Cameron at a loss and hurriedly drove to the hospital. Lily sat in the back seat, watching the two dads scratching their heads, for fear of omissions. For so many years, the faults of the two of them just cannot be corrected. When you are nervous, complain about each other. But at a critical moment, the two will support each other and face together. As Lily had imagined, after seeing the baby in the nursery, Mitchell and Cameron held each other’s hands tightly, tears of happiness in their eyes.

Gloria is outside helping Mitchell move, but Jie is at home at ease. He couldn’t help laughing at some wine party that Manny had attended. A few months ago, Manny had to mix fruit juice to drink red wine, and now he learns from other people’s wine tasting. That being the case, come to the father-son game. Jie asked Joe to take five bottles of red wine from the cellar, pour two glasses of each, and then blind tasting with Manny, and then write down the year and origin of the wine. Manny did not show weakness, after a few comments, it was a tie with two to two. For the last bottle, after Jie wrote his answer, he suggested not to reveal the winners or losers. Today everyone is very happy, it is better to shake hands and make peace. Manny readily agreed, but as soon as Jie left, he slipped back to the table, peeked at the answer, and then cursed inwardly and fell on the old man.

Phil’s house is busy. Hayley, Alex, Luke, and Dylan are preparing for the twins Easter party without the help of grandparents. It seems well-intentioned, but they actually made a mess at home when Claire and Phil were on vacation, and they made a mess of the house, and they quickly packed up while they were working.

Alex was worried, the drink spilled at the party sprained neighbor Doug’s ankle. The wretched guy took the opportunity to blackmail, and Alex didn’t know what to do. Someone brought pet pythons to the party and laid a nest of eggs in the corner of the fireplace. Hailey didn’t want the children to be bitten by the snake, so she hurriedly told Dylan to pack it up and send it to the pet shop. In a rush, they didn’t notice a snake egg falling under the coffee table.

Suddenly hearing these two words grandpa and grandma, Claire was very uncomfortable, feeling that she was not yet that old. The children do not need to help themselves, although they are glad that they have learned to be independent, but there is a sense of loss in their hearts. Hearing that he was about to paint an egg, Claire excitedly woke up the sleeping Phil and got up to help. Phil went to the living room with sleepy eyes, picked up a basket of eggs on the coffee table, and put the egg on the table into the basket.

The grandparents of the other children attending the party also came and sat at a table with Claire and Phil to paint. Claire feels dejected when they hear their parents’ short-term parents. Is it because she will spend the rest of her life like this? Claire wasn’t reconciled, when she learned of Alex’s troubles, she immediately made a plan. When Doug came to look for Alex again, Claire trembled and wrote a check with a sad expression on his face. Just waiting for Doug to reach out, Claire sat down, crying out of pain. When the other old people saw this, they accused Doug of abusing the elderly, scared Doug promised not to pester Alex in the future.

Outside, Phil was wearing Bonnie Rabbit’s coat, trying to solve Dylan’s trouble. Who knows which of those painted eggs is a python egg? As long as a child finds an egg, Phil will jump over to check it. A child shouted that the egg was moving, Phil rushed forward, holding the magic egg, closing his eyes and making a wish, and took the opportunity to put the egg into his sleeve. Not knowing that the children had to take a photo with Bonnie Rabbit, Phil only felt that something was walking in his clothes, sweating all over, and rushing to the pet hospital.

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