14 Places to see in New Zealand

About the beauty of nature and fresh air that give it to New Zealand. This country have full of nature all area. New Zealand is divided into 2 main islands and several small islands located in the middle of the northern and southern hemisphere currents.

1. Walter Peak Farm in Queenstown

Walter Peak Livestock Farm at the atmosphere of Lake Wakatipu. New Zealand’s unique identity. Watch the shepherd dog show from native farms. See the work of the shepherd dog. Watch the sheep show. This wool is considered a high quality export product of New Zealand. Including cute animals. Ready to feed the animals.

2. Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu is the second largest island of South Island. The depth is 380 meters. This is due to the melting of glaciers as well as other lakes in the vicinity. The water level varies up to 12 centimeters every 5 minutes and shaped like a snake. There is a legend of Maori. “Born of a dead demon (burned by fire) by young people love Maori girl girl who was captured by the demon. But because the heart of the demon is not dead and still be dancing.

3. Speedboat

Jet-overboat or speedboat. Shockwave High speed boat along the river overpass. Among the islands and rapids. Somewhat crooked and rotate 360 ​​degrees. There is a boat like a baby boat. Just do not fall into the water. It was invented by Billy Hamilton. This activity has been in operation since 1970. The jetty’s here. The boat was specially issued. The body is made of dense aluminum. It takes about 1.30 hours to play.

4. Bungee jumping sport in Queenstown

Bungee jumping in Queenstown. With bungee jumping. New Zealand’s most popular event It is a popular sport to measure brave people. With a height of 43 meters, it takes 35 minutes to play. Queenstown is the birthplace of the famous bungee jumps around the world. Every year, there are tourists who are brave and ready to go to the temple. There is also a beautiful landscape.

5. Wanaka Lake

Wanaka Lake in one of the most beautiful lakes of New Zealand. The name “Blue Bayoo” because it is a lake with a clear blue water. Glistening with sunlight And high mountains on the other side of the lake. The water is very cold, because it is melted from the snow on the mountain. Here is a place for lovers of mountain biking or ATV around the lake. There are hiking trails leading to national parks or swimming, fishing, kayaking and water skiing.

6. Glacier fog in Westland

Glacier fog in Westland. National Park is the “Fox Glacier or Fox Glacier” is beautiful in the rain forest. The glaciers have been in continuous decline for decades. And still move the sample does not stop. This glistening white glacier. Alternate with the emerald green For a glimpse of the Fox Glacier. Live from the scenic Lake Matthews.

7. Hokitika Township in the South Island

Hokitika Township in the South Island, New Zealand. Hokitika is a small town. Located by the sea. It is a commercial center of the West. There is a clock tower in the heart of the city. The city is skilled. The arts and production center, green stone or jade. This is a very important spiritual energy for the Maori. Long ago, it was the strongest material that Maori knew. Was used to make weapons Personal tools and accessories It is believed that this green stone will help keep the calm and bring power to himself and his family.

8. Tranz Alpine Train in the South Island

Trans-Alpine Railway is a passenger train operated by The Great Journeys of New Zealand in the South Island of New Zealand.Inter alpine train To travel to the city of Christchurch. On the way through the beautiful scenery. The Alps of the southern hemisphere have been said. The route is surrounded by snow mountains. And the colorful trees turn to the most beautiful season. Alternating with green mountains And the lovely flocks stand in the grass. Enjoy magnificent views as well as drawings to enjoy on both sides. The colorful trees change to one of the most beautiful seasons in the world.

9. Avon River in Christchurch

Avon River is place that you can relax, enjoy with ride cruise around the Avon River and see the beauty of Christ Church. There are two ways to ride cruise.

10.Franz Josef

Joseph House Pass Originally used as a travel route for the Maori. It takes a month to travel and fight the cold weather to find the source of Jade or Greenstone, leading you to the glacier in Westland National Park. Located in the world’s only dense forest.

11. City Skyline Gondola

This gondola is located in the hills of Honghoa. The height of 778 meters above the city of Tororo. You can take a stroll up to the breathtaking views of Torroyo at an altitude of 487 meters. The turquoise blue turquoise lake. Green forest and orange roof of buildings.

12. Cromwell Town in Otago

Cromwell is a town in Central Otago and is a major source of fruit in New Zealand. Grow the fruits for the largest internal consumption and export. Located in the south of the island. There are many fruit trees such as apples, pears (peaches), peaches (barrow), etc. You can easily see Cromwell. from the entrance to the city, there will be a giant fruit statue. It is an apple, pear and peach at the entrance to the city. Take photos with orchards, buy dried fruits and processed all kinds of New Zealand.

13. Botanical Gardens and Hackensack Park

Botanical Gardens and Hackensack Park Located in the center of the city. It is the lungs of Christchurch. In addition to the lush and vast. In all seasons there will be people walking. Fitness and leisure Especially spring and summer. The flower is also very beautiful.

14. Waitomo City

Waitomo City is a small tourist town on the island of northern New Zealand. The Waitomo District, encompassing the ​main town and service centre of Te Kuiti and the townships of Waitomo, Mokau, PioPio, Awakino, Marokopa and Benneydale amongst others, is home to around 9,700 people. The prosperous local economy is built around tourism, farming, mining and forestry.