9 Places to visit in Melbourne City, Australia

Melbourne Town is the capital city of Victoria is famous for its elegant, comfortable and beautiful people. And suitable for vacation. Mix up the best old things in the world with new things. Perfectly There are places of interest. Old-fashioned heritage sites such as Old Fleet Street and Melbourne’s Opera House on Collins Street. One of the largest shopping centers in the country. Top brands Shop a wide selection.

Where to go:

1. Fitzroy Gardens Park in Lansdowner Street

Fitzroy Gardens Park is another major attraction in Melbourne, Melbourne. Fitzroy Gardens Park is the large Garden City Garden is located in Lansdowner Street, surrounded by lush tropical trees and flowers that will bloom in beautiful seasons. It is popular in photography as well. Because of the natural atmosphere. See Fraser Park. Named after governor Sir Charles Gus Fitzgerald, this park is more than 150 years old. Greenhouse buildings for breeding plants.

2. Melbourne Parliament House

Parliament House of Victoria Melbourne Town is the first Parliament building in Australia. Located on Spring Street, in front of this Parliament House, is the end of Bourke Street. One of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, there are 4,500 rooms, each with a spacious living area of ​​250,000 square meters. Each room is furnished in modern style with thousands of Aboriginal artwork. Highlights featured at the flagpole, the tall, elegant, 8-year-old building.

3. ST. Patrick Cathedral

ST. Patrick Cathedral or St. Patrick’s Church is Christian Church of Roman Catholicism Standing tall and very majestic. Built in Gothic architecture in 1858, it is now nearly 150 years old. It is considered to be Melbourne’s oldest church. The crest is beautifully built in Gothic style. Designer Willian Wardal built in 1863 until 1939 was completed. The church is built with bluestone, decorated with stain glass. The interior has a large organ with up to 4500 pipes.

4. Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road in romantic Route is the most beautiful coastline in Australia and located in the south of Melbourne. This is one of the most popular in Victoria and can enjoy the charming bay. White Sand Beach And the rock that is corroded by the water. Natural wind with a strange shape. It is also a place. One of the good resorts around. With many resorts built with 19th century architecture, there are also beautiful scenic spots.

5. Melbourne Koala Conservatory

Melbourne Koala Conservation Center is address of the koalas and place to living in nature including natural life. The conservation area is also a place to learn and breed koalas. You can see the captivating Australian animals closely and also learn the life of these koalas.

6. Melbourne Zoo and Penquin

Phillip Island Nature Reserve – South Sea Penguin Reserve is image exhibition building and stories about the species of penguins in the continent. The Penguins at Phillip Island. It is considered to be the smallest penguin in the world. Meet the grandstand at Summit Beach. Every evening, the penguins will parade from the sea after returning from the morning. It is a natural way to happen every day.

7. Phillip Island in Melbourne

Phillip Island is 137 kilometers in south of Melbourne area along the South Gippsland Route. It takes about 2 hours by car to reach the island. There are bridges spanning the island. Opened in 1940, enjoy the ambiance of the two sides. The meadow and ranch are full of cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and horses. The atmosphere is similar to Switzerland.

8. Wineries and Vineyards in Melbourne

Wineries & Vineyards in Melbourne, Australia is a city famous for wine production as an alcoholic beverage. This is due to the fermentation of sugar in grapes. Visit the vineyards of the Aussie, founded in 1982 by a gourmet winegrower. The best of Melbourne’s oldest names. Explore the vineyards and wine regions. With largest grape in Victoria Visit the small wineries, wineries and wine tastings.

9. Captain Cook Cottage

Captain Cook Cottage is the most important British explorer Discovered in Australia in 1770. This cottage is home to Captain Cook House Captain Cook. Later Sir Russell Grimm was bought from England. Bring out the brick by piece. It was transported by boat and the new assembly here. This place is set up at the Fitzpatrick Park in 1934 as a one year anniversary of Victorian.