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Dubrovnik City – Dubrovnik or Pearl of the Adriatic Sea Southern Croatian Republic is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Croatia. This is the world’s most beautiful cities. In the past, Dubrovnik was attacked by Yugoslav troops and more than half of the monuments are damaged and dilapidated. In 1995, the ERDUT treaty was signed. Armistice and entry into normal conditions. UNESCO and the European Union. Together, the restoration of the damaged city in a short time. Currently, Dubrovnik come back to beautiful city again. It is also promoted as a World Heritage City. The city is an ancient fortress that symbolizes the city.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Adriatic coast Coastal atmosphere with colorful tile roof houses alternating along the coastline. Dubrovnik city Named as one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe, the nickname “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, with the perfect combination of architecture and orderly city planning. It has been a maritime power city since the 13th century and has a prosperous trade. Therefore has created greatness to stand out By decorating the palace, building churches, temples, squares, fountains and houses And has been beautifully restored and modified according to the era

Dubrovnik City There is still history as a sister city with “Venice” in Italy and “Split”, another town along the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia in the past. Dubrovnik is of great commercial importance in the Mediterranean region. It has been a city that has power over the sea and controlled maritime trade since the 13th century, because it has a role as a trade link between the east and west coasts of the Adriatic Sea. Can say that it is the center city of the Republic

During the 14th – 17th centuries, Dubrovnik was rich and had a lot of money to beautify the country. Including palaces, churches, temples, beautiful images of the city today Who knows that in the past, Dubrovnik had to go through the devastating events of the 4th century earthquake, parts of the city disappeared at sea. After the disaster due to natural disasters, must encounter danger from human hands. When the target was attacked by the Yugoslav troops in 1990, more than half the houses Various monuments damaged Especially the lives of hundreds of thousands of people lost in the war Leaving only a list in the museum

In the city of DubrovnikFull of gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, peaceful atmosphere, cool, not hot, not too cold Because it has a Mediterranean climate The temperature during the year of this city is average 17 degrees, not cold, not hot. In the cold season, the weather is about 10 degrees. There may be rain but the snow doesn’t often. Dubrovnik is therefore a tourist destination of many Europeans. But now Asian people are starting to travel more.

Old TownOf the city of Dubrovnik Which UNESCO was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1979. View the scenery of the old city with a 190-meter-long ancient fortress to walk through the Pile Gate with the statue of St. Bebe. Visit the city center to see the Onofrio’s fountain, which is the honor of the architect who built this fountain. Visit The Cathedral Treasury, one of the ancient churches that collects ancient relics. The object of a merchant trader who has traded with the people of Venice in the past Bring you to take pictures with Bell Tower Clock, then take you to watch. Rector’s Palace, a palace built by combining Gothic art, Renaissance and Baroque It’s time to visit you and take a photo with Sponza Palace, built by Renaissance Renaissance art in the 15th century. Now it is used to store documents and government offices. Take you through the Stradan Road The main road is over 398 meters long, on both sides of the road, surrounded by Romanesque gothic buildings and shops, cafes, ice cream shops, souvenir shops.

Ancient city walls in the old city area Towering over 1,940 meters in length, this is a city wall with a complete structure and very strong. There were towers and fortifications on the walls. Used to protect against enemies such as the Arab Serb, even though they are still currently available This old city wall has also been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The arched door building has beautifully carved columns arranged in a line. This used to be the government building of the Republic of Dubrovnik. The building is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art. The building has been bombed twice. But built and repaired Today, the Palace Palace is a museum showing the creation of the city since the first time. And used as a concert venue. Town Squares is a place to do activities Of the former city With the Orlando Column and the Bell Tower at the end of the main road Built in 1444.

Where to go:

  • Walls of Dubrovnik
  • Lokrum
  • Stradun
  • Lovrijenac
  • Old Town, Dubrovnik

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