The Great Hall of Vajradhamma in Sumut Prakan, Thailand

Talking about the ancient city The new generation probably only hears the name. As for the younger generation, they probably don’t know that this ancient city Even after more than 40 years of time, there is still continuous development. Many people may never know how interesting this ancient city is. Will say that it is an important historical site of the nation May not be that much But want to say that Is a place that Thai people should know, should be cherished, should be surprised, should be proud, should have visited once in their lives .. really ..

This place Created with the strong will of a person named Lek Wiriya Phan who wishes to repay the merit of the Kingdom of Thailand to inscribe it in the land. In order to be a gathering place Important places Including important historical sites, religious, geological, all over the sky in Thailand in one place In order to study what each remarkable place looks like

If you think that the simulation of the old one that already exists It does not see anything strange. But what makes it unique here is Every place that has been built Requires diligence, perseverance, perseverance, and a genuine determination to set Because it is a simulation of religious places Or all ancient sites Every element of this place All teams of historians, academics and experts from all fields are involved in providing the facts, based on historical evidence from the essence. In order for each of the model buildings to maintain important details Including scaling to get the most accurate proportion It is a work that has very rare details. There is only something called Only strong faith can make these things for us to feel.

Phra Si Sanphet Prasat Throne Hall is the most important in this ancient city. And can only be seen here Because the real throne had almost been destroyed. For the Vachira Thammathirat Buddhist Temple, the Buddhist shrine of Ananta Universe is considered a newly constructed and officially opened in 2018. It is amazingly beautiful. Inside, there are 28 temples in which the Lord Buddha is enshrined. The reclining temple and various important Buddha statues throughout the area are enshrined and a replica of the Phra Chedi of each year was born in this place as well.

Address: The Great Hall of Vajradhamma, – The Great Hall Vajradhamma, Buddhavas of the Substanceless Universe. locates on the FreeZone which is the extension of Muangboran the Ancient City, Sumut Prakan.

Free Entry everyday from 9AM-6PM.

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