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The Venom’s Tale 2 – อสรพิษ

The Venom’s Tale 2 – อสรพิษ – เจ้าแม่อสรพิษ

Country: Thailand
Genre(s): Love, Fresh Releases, Romance
Episodes: 28
Original Network: GMM One
Release: Feb 10, 2020 – Mar 26, 2020

Cast: Vill Wannarot Sonthichai, Norraphat Vilaiphan, Plengkwan Natt

This drama is about the tales of passion and revenge between the goddress serpent and her lover. It all happened 500 years ago when Anyawadee, the goddress serpent, fell in love with a handsome prince named Chaiyawong. Anyawadee decided to charm him using her power and made him falling in love with her. Kamyadfah, the prince’s lover, was furious that Anyawadee took her lover. After discovering that Anyawadee was not human, Kamyadfah deceived Maneewan to dance in the Snake Worship ritual which held to kill Anyawadee. However, prince Chaiyawong fell in love with Maneewan, the dancer, right away.

During the ritual, Kamyadfah revealed Anyawadee’s true form before the eyes of people including pince Chaiyawong. Anyawadee was burned alive and her spirit was sealed inside a statue. Believing that prince Chaiyawong disgusted by the fact that she was not human, she then cursed Maneewan to turn into a snake on every full moon night. After 500 years had passed, the seal is broken and allows Anyawadee to have freedom again. Maneewan and prince Chaiyawong are also reincarnated as Yaimai and Sarat in this life, Anyawadee has her ways to make them feel her grief and vengeance.

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