Etiquette that should be done and should not be done in the United States

I will introduce things that should not be do in America and things that should be done. In America is very serious about manners. You should know in order to adjust to the American people.

1. Passing the queue and standing in the queue near the person in front
Americans consider who comes first. If you come later and forget to walk in front of Americans Will be destroyed by the eyes of others who look at you As well as being hit by someone who overtook him in a loud voice And a good queue is to not stand too close to him because it is considered bad manners. You have to remember that Americans like to have distance. The farther away, the better with people we don’t know.

2. Don’t forget to tip
Although the law is not defined, the “tip” is a tradition that should be done in America, whether it be restaurants, barbers or services. Except the service staff is not good, only to not have to give.

  • The restaurant should offer 15 – 20% of the cost of food, except that the restaurant has a sign saying “No Tipping” or the service fee is included in the bill.
  • Hotel maids should pay $ 2-4 per night, placed under a hotel card that is usually located on the bedside table.
  • Taxi drivers should give 10 – 15% of the car cost, which should be rounded up to a full dollar. Don’t need a cent
  • The bartender or waiter in the lounge should pay 10 – 15% of the cost of the drink. Or popularly, paying an additional $ 1 per glass
  • The luggage cart in the hotel should tip at $ 2 per bag or $ 5 per cart.
  • If buying food or drinks that have to be queued up, order at the counter. Most stores have a tip box at the cashier. This is not necessary. But if he sees that the salesman is good, speaks cute You can give scraps of coins from change.

3. Do not call black people the Negro, Nick or Nikka and avoid explaining skin color. Americans are serious about racism. If you accidentally call a black person a negro, a nicker, or a nika, there may be a story because it shows racist insult. If you have heard of news of racism in America Will know that racism is very violent If you need to use black people, use African American instead or Black instead. Or, if having to explain the appearance, anyone would prefer to talk about skin color

4.Thank you, Excuse me, sorry and clarity
Thank you, Excuse me, sorry. You should say these 3 words in a habit because Americans talk to people all the way like

  • Walking through anyone if he still looks at the item. Or have to squeeze someone to say “excuse me”
  • When the waiter serves food Should thank him every time he brings food And when you return, thank you / bye with the staff. Meaning that everyone is equal
  • If you prone your nose and accidentally sneeze out And there was a reply “bless you”. You should say “thank you” even if you didn’t look at him. Or will hear just the sound of floating from wherever
  • If you walk with anyone, regardless of the hurry You should stop apologizing to him first. By saying “Sorry”

Americans do not like anything that is not clear If he has already asked anything People there may dance beams. Or think that we are the ones who make absolutely no decisions We should clearly answer Yes or No, or when talking to anyone, do not use gestures with shaking the head, nodding “No” or “OK”.

5. Greetings and shake hands
When getting to know someone and having to shake the hand, they should make eye contact. Because it is considered courtesy If not eye contact him We will be seen as bad manners immediately.
If anyone “hi” with younger, you should respond with “hi” back or he says “hi how are you” should say briefly “I’m good how are you?”

6.Talking and gestures when talking to other people

  • When you laugh a lot Or being teased by someone Should not hit the opponent’s arm as we do
  • Call a teacher / teacher from a surname such as Mr. Smith or Mrs./Ms. Smith. No need to call a teacher “teacher” (it sounds very bad. Like a joke about him)
  • Don’t ask other people how much money they work. And about the price of the clothes you wear, how old are you married? Don’t ask until he opens the discussion by himself.
  • See who has acne in the face Strictly forbidden to say hello is considered bad manners Or humiliate him
  • Do not gossip about the weight. The more fat the word “fat” is not at all. Sounds strong. “Introrere fat” “he’s fat” or “she’s fat”. If you’re not really close, don’t say it. He won’t look at us well.

7. Things you shouldn’t do in different places

  • Do not take other people’s things without first asking permission.
  • Go to the restaurant, do not walk in to find your own seat, there are no guests. No queue Waiting for the staff to take them Except for small food shops
  • Do not throw rubbish out of the car Or throwing in a place that is not an illegal trash And bad manners
  • Travel to various places Have to wait and see the sign Maybe he forbids things that we can’t anticipate, such as not taking pictures, not eating outside. Or prohibiting the feeding of ducks and geese in the park, etc.
  • Go to check Being punctual. People here are very serious. Just attend the class after 1 minute to ring the bell. Check to be late. No grace, like Thai people
  • In New York, don’t sit on the stairs and down the subway.