What is the ON Campus event?

What is the ON Campus event?

On Campus jobs are simply translated into part time jobs that our employer is The institution we are studying in. It is the only part time job that a US student visa can do. Different kinds of work, as he wants us to do Which is mostly a temporary job feature Therefore, we shouldn’t have to take our lives to be tied to it, perhaps for a whole year only a few weeks. Types of work, such as helping new students. Public relations, leaflet distribution or canteen work Etc.

So where can we find this type of work?

Of course, each institution will have periodic announcements according to their needs. However, if we go to study languages ​​in a language school, there is usually no work of this kind Because the number of students is not that many And he doesn’t have many events like that Therefore, most institutions that have On Campus work are College or University, such as North Seattle College, Devry University, Whatscom Community College, etc.

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