10 Places to visit in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is the capital and largest city of Laos near Mekong River. The city is not far from Nong Khai province in Thailand.

1. Phra That Luang (ທາດຫລວງ)

Phra That Luang is sacred heart of Vientiane city. This is outstanding with Laos architecture with golden glittering pagoda surrounded by high gold walls. At the pagoda have containing of the relics about 27 and the other about 30 small rounds (representing 30 prestige acts that fulfill the Lord Buddha) with the official name Chedi Lok Chula Mani, Laos. The villagers are believed that Phra That Luang has been built since the 3rd century. However, the current structure of Phra That Luang was built by King Apai Buddhavorn. Chai Setthathirath in year 1566 and was restored by the French in the latter and open for sightseeing every day.

2. Sisaket Temple

Sisaket Temple is the oldest temple in Vientiane and was built in 1818 by Phra Anuwong. The last king of the Lan Chang dynasty is an important temple and the only ancient temple that still complete. The temple is located in the heart of the city on Lanchang Road and remarkable as the temple is the old church. They still has traditional architecture which combines with Thai and Lads (Laotian) art with a beautiful wooden roof.

3. Sri Muang Temple

Sri Muang Temple is an interesting place to be a temple of fortune. Is the location of the city pillars of Vientiane Located on Chetthathirath Road Built since the year 1563, it is an old temple with beautiful architecture as well. Holy places of Vientiane What is interesting is the Buddhist temple. With beautiful Thai-Laos architecture, able to pay homage to the Buddha’s blessing every day.

4. Triumphal Arch

Pratuchai is another tourist attraction and is also an important symbol of Vientiane located on Lane Xang Avenue. It’s built around year 1957. The beauty of Patuxai architecture is influenced by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. At France Decorated with the statue of Kinnaree and mythical creatures and according to Buddhist beliefs. The gate of Pratuchai is decorated with beautiful garden and suitable for walk and relax.

5. Hor Phra Kaew

Hor Phra Kaeo, formerly used as a statue of the Emerald Buddha This place is another tourist attraction that is very sacred. The original Phra Kaeo tower was built by King Apai Buddhavornworn. Chai Setthathirath, but has been restored as seen today With a blend of Thai-Lao styles Located on Supanuwong Road Can visit to see each day from 08.00-12.00 hrs and 13.00-16.00 hrs.

6. Suan Phra

Suan Phra “or Chiang Khuan Temple Located about 25 kilometers from Vientiane, built in 1958, the highlight of Phra Buddha Saw a large pumpkin-shaped building Which we can walk up to see the top view, inside the Phra Garden, there will be a statue of Lord Vishnu, Shiva can travel and pay homage to the blessing before traveling.

7. Lao National Museum

Come to visit the National Museum or the National Museum of Laos better. It used to be a governor of France during the reign of Laos. At present, the Lao government has transformed into a national museum. But the building is still in the old French style Inside will show the story from the prehistory. Up until now As in the map of Anachak Lan Chang in the past Prince Chao That covers the region of Thailand, both in the region until the era in which Anachak Lan Chang became the French settlement

8. Ferried across the river to watch Vang Vieng.

Another activity that we see from here is the water activities that are the highlights of this place. That is, looping down tires and kayaking, then starting to cruise down the river in the first period Is the period when the water is not strong and not too poor, suitable as a warming force And when continuing on to the Chang Cave area May rise to stop And watch the atmosphere amidst the nature on the banks of the river.

9. Vientiane Night Market

Visiting Vientiane Another market that is not famous is that Candle market Is a very large night market in Vientiane Another place to visit There are clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, native crafts. Gift ware Plus the price is not expensive. Suggesting that we can continue to increase the price As for food, this is not the least. There are plenty to choose from! Can shop both tasting and still have a chill view Along the Mekong River at night as well.

10. Cafe Sinouk – Khemkong

Before returning to taste the coffee shop Located on a parallel road along the Mekong River but not on the Mekong River 2nd floor, at the edge of the glass overlooking the Mekong River The shop is not very big. Many people, especially foreigners, have outdoor zones. Can smoke The shop offers both coffee, bakery and coffee boxes. Tea that is the recipe of the shop The coffee flavor is outstanding, but there are special formulas of coffee mixed with mint Eaten in a cold, fragrant.

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