Guardians of the Ancient Oath 山海经之上古密约 Episode 9 Recap

Baili Hongshuo was very clear that He Yao was taking the opportunity to trouble him, and proposed three days to resolve the matter. As soon as He Yao left, Baili Hongshuo learned from Muqi that the leader of the Lang tribe, Xia Da, was dead, killing him naked. Bai Lihong Yi expected that He Yao did it. Angrily went to He Yao to settle accounts. Bai Li Hongshuo was worried that her impulse would be dangerous. She locked her in the room and ordered Yan Zheng to look at her and not allow her to go out.

Baili Hongshuo took Mu Qi and others to see the people who had been drank with water and became ill, and arranged for medical treatment. Yan Zheng looked at Baili Hongyi, and Bai Lihongyi wanted him to let him go, and in the end, Yan Zheng had a tense, and said for a long time in vain. Ming Ye Feng asked his ugly slaves to secretly investigate Yi Jiuma’s whereabouts, and found that he had been imprisoned at the Xuanming Temple in Licheng by the Qiang people.

Licheng is heavily guarded and wants to get in and out of the Xuanming Temple to find Yijiu’s ordeal. Ming Ye Feng plans to use Baili Hongshuo to retrieve Yijiuma by his hand. Baili Hongyi lobbied for a long time, took Yan Zheng to the restaurant in the city, invited him to drink, and made a table of bribes. It was just that the silver was spent, and Yan Zheng was still full and followed her.

In order to get rid of Yan Zheng, Bai Li Hongyi used the excuse to go to the latrine, hid in a satin shop, changed into a women’s clothing, escaped Yan Zheng, sneaked out, and went to the barracks to find Bai Li Hongshuo, see He was treating the people with the soldiers and did not run to bother.

On the way back to Baili Hongyi, he found that a man wearing a cape was suspicious. He quietly followed him, but found that he turned out to be Bai Nuo. He met with He Yao, and overheard the epidemic that he and the person were working together under the water. medicine. Benuo reminded He Yao that after this happened, let He Yao submit his surrender to the queen mother, showing sincerity.

Baili Hongyi followed Bai Nuo and was almost found. It happened that Feng was passing by tomorrow night and recognized that Bai Li Hongyi was the second son of Baili who attacked himself in the capital that day. In order to save her, she left her in her arms and sent Parnor away. Ming Ye Feng just planned to use Baili Hongshuo to find Yijiu Mo and abducted Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongshuo returned to the barracks and couldn’t find Baili Hongyi in an anxiety. Yan Zheng was afraid that he did not complete the command of the command. On the one hand, it was an epidemic, and on the other, it was a soldier.

Baili Hongshuo found Yan Zheng to question, and then he learned that Baili Hongyi was lost. The plague of Licheng City was rampant. He Yao pushed everything to Hongli Shuo’s head. The queen mother was very angry. Bailihong asked her to go to Licheng to investigate.

Baili Hongshuo searched for Baili Hongyi across the city, and Fengye stopped him tomorrow and took him to see Hong Yi. Baili Hongyi smashed He Yao and Benuo to work together to poison. Mingye Feng proposed cooperation. As long as Baili Hongshuo helped find Yijiuma, he would not only give him a cure, but also pay back Baili Hongyi. In order to save the people of Baili Hongyi and Licheng, Baili Hongshuo agreed to the conditions of Mingye Feng.

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