Hurricane “Sabinea” will attack Germany throughout the country

This storm is considered quite high level. Strong gusts of up to 150 kilometers per hour It is expected to begin on the North Sea coast. Or north of Germany

Meteorologist Andreas Friedrich of the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach is expected to cause serious traffic disruption on Sunday. Monday and may continue until Tuesday.

How scary is this storm and how does Germany have to deal?

Hurricane winds in lowlands Will have speeds of up to 120 km / h, sometimes even as high as 140 km / h, up to 160 km / h, especially in mountainous areas

A storm swept all the coast of the North Sea !!!

Periodic heavy rain in low mountains

Traffic will be severe in both ground and air jams. It is possible to cancel the flight and cancel the train operation.

In the state of NRW, such as Köln, Düsseldorf, Neuss and Gelsenkirchen, etc., the study is canceled on Monday 10 February.

Different storms occur at different times / the speed of Hurricane Sabine is at level 12.

How to prepare before the rainstorm

1. Plan ahead carefully. By regularly listening to the weather forecast

2. If traveling outside, keep an eye on the weather continuously, such as rain, dark skies or unusual strong winds. Because it is a sign that a rainstorm is approaching But for this storm Expected for the late Sunday.

3. Calculated from sound If you see the light of lightning and thunder after 30 seconds later Should quickly find shelter

4. Prepare a flashlight or candle to use during power outages.

5. Prepare the emergency number In case of an emergency or someone is hurt by the storm

The Ways to protect yourself while you stay at home

1. Bring a pet immediately Because every pet house cannot protect against lightning or storms

2. Close all doors and windows tightly. And try to stay away from the window

3. Do not use electrical equipment and devices made of metal during a rainstorm. Because electric currents may run into the body In addition, should not lean against or touch the concrete wall. Since most concrete walls have internal structures that are electrically conductive

4. During a storm, should always stay indoors. And if wanting to leave the house, should wait 30 minutes after the rain completely stopped to reduce the risk of lightning caused by rainstorms

The Ways to protect yourself when away from home.

1. Escape into the eaves immediately Shouldn’t hesitate or wait for a storm before finding shelter Because can always be dangerous Avoid avoiding the rain under the trees or small buildings such as public toilets. Or there is only awning to prevent rain Because this type of structure cannot protect against storms It may also be dangerous when trees or structures are torn down.

2. Avoid from water sources such as swimming pools or ponds. If in the water during a storm, hurry to get out of the water immediately. Otherwise it may be dangerous during a storm.

3. When having to dodge the rain with others Each person should maintain a distance of 15.2-30.5 meters in order to prevent electric currents running into the surrounding people when someone is hit through the sky. (Which can occur during a storm)

4. If lightning strikes nearby, squat down with your feet bowed between your knees Hands are closed or the knees are held. Although this pose does not help prevent 100% from accidents, but helps reduce the severity of injuries that may occur to internal organs when exposed to lightning.