Love like Liu Dehua

Yesterday, posted Guan Zhi Lin love And there is no mention of Liu Dehua Today I have to ask for the opportunity to post a love article like Liu Dehua. To continuously In the article “Love Week”

“Maybe it’s because we are dedicated too much. Being good with others doesn’t necessarily mean being good in response to others. The important thing of dating between friends is There must be love, bond and trust! “This is the disappointment of the first love in the industry that Liu Dehua had for Yeo Khe Sin, a Taiwanese actress for a while. Broke up in 1986

When Liu Dehua is disappointed by secretly falling in love with one-sided Chen Yu Lian, knowing that the woman he secretly fell in love with is the big brother Chow Yunfa, whom he respected in 1984, Liu Dehua is currently shooting a movie. In Taiwan with Cinema City Company Limited and the company introduced Yaw Kesin to Liu Dehua. After that, they both fell apart and broke up in 1986 with a disagreement. Still, the woman gave out news about Liu Wua Dehua regularly. Until 2004, Yae Khe Sin issued the book 情海 星空 – 我 与 刘德华 (My Love to Lia Dehua) which is a book. Which both Hong Kong and Taiwan must be classified in the book category “Do not sell to children under 18 years” and also take advantage of the relationship, such as the sale of a boy who claims to be the son of Liu Dehua and Julie Qian. Up to six hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars But that news was not true at all

From this love like Liu De Hua will be afraid of long love from love. Until he met Julie Qian

“When you choose someone Since the first day they fell in love Will try to not hurt the opponent This is enough. “Liu Dehua once said of the style of love he wants from his lover. In which Julie Qian was that woman

In 1987, Liu Te Hua came to show with the Hong Kong football team Julie Qian met the man of her dreams. At that time, she was only 21 years old, and Liu Dehua was 26 years old. Liu Dehua was better than she had even dreamed of. She exchanged her phone number with her friends. And both of them have made serious contact

Her love moved her to Hong Kong to study makeup for the bride. Hoping to return to open a wedding studio in Malaysia in order to be closer to Liu Dehua She is the person behind Supporting him at the time when Liu Dehua was still looking for success in film and music, he released the album “Only Know that I Still Love You” (只 知道 此刻 愛 你). Unsuccessful

When Julie Qian moved to Hong Kong permanently in 1989, Liu Dehua’s works in the late ’80s were both the songs “Kho Poo Kee Yi (可不可以)” and the song Cha Hui Le (再 会 了 ) It was so popular that he won the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, Most Popular Male Artist (Most Popular Hong Kong Male Artist) for the first time in 1990. The film “Cut Man” God of Gamblers (1989) Which starred alongside Zhou Yun Fah and “Pierced the Skull”, Casino Raiders (1989) starring with Alan Tum, was the highest-grossing movie in 1989, ranked No. 1 and 5, the parents of Liu Tua Hua. Saw that since associating with Julie Qian, Liu De’s career has improved Therefore encouraged both to be dating

“Of course, I cannot sacrifice all my career for the other party. Therefore, my wife needs to devote more love and patience. Which is a very serious matter for a woman. I understand and respect my wife very much in this respect What I can repay her is my solid love for only you. “Liu Dehua openly talked about caring for his relationship with his wife and marriage for the first time. He revealed methods for maintaining and managing marriages.

“Being a famous singer and actor is great. Causing the people around me to have a lot of pressure, rumors, promotional news about my love all the time If it wasn’t because she loved me more than anything else She cannot endure these things. My ideal woman doesn’t have to be very beautiful. But what I want more than that is understanding And generous enough Which is considered as a lucky matter for me, my wife is very beautiful as well ”

His love for Julie Qian must be a secret. Because he was afraid of what had happened to Liu Jia Ling Kidnapped nude To bring Blackmail to allow the movie

Julie Qian like a lover under the shadow of the success of Liu Dehua All the time she fell in love with the investment matters for him. She took her money and he invested until the media said they were a big share of Starbucks. Julian Qian lives a simple life, not as noticeable as in a teenager. She chose to quietly behind the success of her lover.

“I never thought of breaking up with this wife From the moment we decided to date The two of us have never been separated again. ”And Liu Dehua was firmly established for his quiet love.

Until August 25, 2009, Liu Dehua and Julie Qian returned to Hong Kong after attending the funeral of Julie Qian’s father when he arrived in Hong Kong. Both of them met an army of journalists as usual. But what was unexpected was that Liu Dehua held Julie Qian’s hand, not letting go And briefly told reporters, “Now I don’t think to say anything much Just want to take her (Julie Qian) back home to rest first. ”

Over 20 years of Julie Qian Fellowship with Liu Dong Hua She never demanded the debut of his wife. She sacrificed a comfortable life in Malaysia. Come live with the boyfriend, singer, actress that is still looking for success. Supporting his success for 20 years, the day she lost her father. Liu Terua knows that he has to take care of her as a good husband. After 3 days, the superstar forever admits through his own website that he is married to Julie Qian. Since June 23, 2008, registered for marriage in Las Vegas

After revealing the truth, some fans have accused him of concealing this relationship. Liu Dehua admitted it was wrong. And argued that he had to conceal his wife because he didn’t want Girlfriend (at that time) encountered a difficult time because one generation of Hong Kong entertainment industry is controlled by the dark influence of the mafia, who often use the safety of the actors’ lover’s family as a bargain for the actors to work for.

Three years later, Julie Qian gave birth to Liu Dong’s daughter. On the date of May 8, 2012, at the time of the new birth Liu Dong stopped the show and sang for three months to look after his wife and daughter. And when the wife and daughter eat vegetarian Liu Dehua turned to vegetarianism with his wife and daughter. And if he was at home, he would always try to send his children to school by himself. Liu Dehua also transferred property, which was previously his father’s name. To be the name of Julian Qian and will also buy another house in Malaysia for his wife and daughter as well

“Since associating with her (Julie Qian), both of us have never fought with each other. Sometimes my wife and my opinions do not match, we use the method of talking. Or if I don’t have time, I will write a book explaining my thoughts Or she will write your opinion for me to read Since i started working I understand that quarrels have never done anything better. Which must be thanked to my wife who also understands me ”

In 2017, Liu Dehua suffered a fatal accident in a horse in Thailand. The first thing that he tells his manager Was trying to cover the news because he was afraid of his wife in Hong Kong being worried When Julie Qian heard the news, she immediately flew from Hong Kong to look after him and brought him back to Hong Kong. From that accident Liu Terua had to stay in the hospital for 53 days. During that time, his wife patrolled and prayed and contacted a temple in Taiwan where her husband and her frequent spiritual practices. To ask 148 monks to help pray for blessing for her husband to recover quickly.

The Love of Liu Dehua No need for horror He needs a lover who understands him, supports him and trusts him. The reward for his wife’s love for him is to be a good husband and father of the family.