Three Sisters Rock in Australia

Three sisters rock was a strange three-shaped stone pedestal formed by rain and wind blowing. Sit and watch the beauty of the sun and the national park as far away as the eyes The origin of the legendary love of three Aboriginal sisters in the Three Sisters Rocks Mountains or Khao Sam Anong is three peaks in a row. With an old legend, the sad love of an Aboriginal woman The people who used to occupy this land are forbidden love of young people from different tribes. The two families are enemies, therefore the witch doctor curses the woman into a stone. As for the young man, when he heard about this, he was sorrowful and weeping until it became the Katumba waterfall that is seen today. Descend to the valley floor at the ‘Giant Ladder’, a route of over 800 steps leading to the base of the three siblings at the bottom, according to the viewpoint, a winding pathway, a 2.4-kilometer seaside walkway that will take you past the ancient dating back to the forest in Dinosaur time.

The Three Sisters Rock is an astounding mountain and is 18 World Heritage Sites Winding Although the Wasteland, the Heritage Village, the Charmed Agricultural Community.

Scenic World, the company that provides cable car and tram into the valley, allows you to see Khao Sam Anong more beautiful. Take you to the Katoomba Scenic Railway, an electric tram that has been modified from a coal truck in the past. The steepest railway in the world to 52 degrees that feels the heart bounced off The chest is at the tip of the tongue guard. When taking this train through the steep cliffs, dark caves and ramps down to the lower hills at a total distance of 415 meters (1,360 feet) at a speed of 4 meters / second. The reward of riding this train is Spectacular views of the vast valley. Opposite, out in the eyes Is a cliff covered with green trees that can be seen as a view in the corner of The Three Sisters.

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