Wuhan Story

“The latest article by Slavoy Sisek discusses the coronal epidemic and the closure of China’s Wuhan city. Siskaek noted the panic of the media and governments in the Western world about the outbreak of this virus. Which he viewed as contrary to the actual data (Meaning that many people do not die) But the media and Western governments are joking about as if it were a disaster-prone issue), until you speculate that it’s possible that governments in these countries may know some information about this virus. Until panicked But did not dare or refuse to disclose the said information to the public (You guessed that it may be information about the mutation of the virus)

“Another point that you present in the article is To point out the positive aspects of the crisis, which he sees as an epidemic causing Wuhan to be shut down Gave the people in the city access to the so-called dead time or dead time, which is the time to withdraw from the things that have interacted with Or in other words, is The closure of the city has caused the city to access life in a lingering way, withdrawing from the world, withdrawing from a busy life. (You refer to this idea by comparing it with the German word Gelassenheit, which is the word Martin Heiducker used it in later philosophical works. Which is translated into English as releasement), which will give you the opportunity to escape from fantasy in the capitalist world. And see what is the “truth” that really directed his life Sexex sees that being aware of the “truth” here is the first step towards a great change. In short, You see that this event created a dead time that could become an important pin for the next big political change in China. ”

Source by https://www.welt.de/