How to eat Japanese food that you don’t know?

Q1: When eating sushi with big words Can’t eat all in one word. What to do? Is bite of half words to be ugly? Fear of losing their image.

A: Many people have experienced sushi problems that are too large for their mouth size. Even if you use a fork to clamp in your mouth and try to bite in half But still does not bite Some people try to cut chopsticks. Half out raw fish But turns out that The fish texture looked sloppy. I used to be like that. Fortunately, one Japanese aunt could not bear the condition. Therefore transferred the wisdom of Japanese people After that I felt that my life was much better. The technique was to put the chopsticks under the sushi and then batter the rice balls into 2 words first. Then eat the first word with the same piece of rice as small pieces of rice. And then pick up the remaining rice cubes alone on the plate, continue in the mouth This way we will not have to try to force the chopping of raw fish too. And eat the sushi in the right size.

Q2: Can the wasabi dripped at the edge of the soy sauce sauce bowl?

A: Yes, let’s say that if you eat with many people And then on a big plate of sashimi with wasabi To take the wasabi chopsticks to the desired amount And then can label the sauce cup If giving the correct etiquette Please use the other side of the chopsticks. Don’t act like a friend. I suck the tip of my chopsticks. And take the wasabi cubes on the raw fish … That can become an indirect kiss, isn’t it ….

Q3: Worried about the rain radish placed beside the grilled fish, how to eat?

A: Radish, rain or Japanese is Daikon-Oroshi (大 根 お ろ し) is usually accompanied by grilled fish. Fish that are oily like Saba fish because of this rain radish Will make the stomach to digest fish fat better. How to actually eat, there is no fixed pattern. Want to clamp the fish and then take the radish as needed Who feels that too little salted fish Can pour soy sauce on the radish Usually Japanese people use the tip of the chopsticks to divide the fish to the desired size. Then use chopsticks to grind the radish on the fish And then scoop it into the mouth But if anyone is picking up the fish first And picking the radish to eat as is not a problem as well

Q4: Miso soup. Take a spoon or lift it?

For those who feel that when the soup is lifted Like having tofu or wakame seaweed flowing in The more shops that add radishes, tofu, the more difficult to raise. Therefore have advanced techniques to present, which is to chop the chopsticks to block the tofu Seaweed is like a dam and then slowly sip use the chopsticks to block it.

Q5: When you eat ramen, should you eat loud? It’s really not possible.

A: Many people have heard that When eating ramen, it has to be loud and loud. Is an honor to the store owner Because that means delicious ramen But we are not used to eating loud noodles

Must mention that Japanese ramen The broth will be very hot. He therefore had to be loud and loud. Therefore, dipping is not just a delicious show. But it is the survival skills of Japanese people from boiling ramen soup The dipping is ventilating and blowing cool. But even me who has been in Japan for a long time Still not able to inherit this eating culture Nowadays, it is still slightly concealed, but slightly concealed. Take a spoon to gently hold the line to reduce the risk of soup splashes and smack lines.

If the shop owner knows that we are a foreigner Then eat the scoop of noodles, resting on a spoon and blowing the humming Let’s go in Thai style. He doesn’t mind. If wanting to eat Japanese style Japanese people will finish eating noodles quickly. Because if eating slowly The noodles are sluggish and not tasty. From then, when the noodles are nearing the end, slowly sip the soup along. As for ramen fanatics, he will start scooping the soup before tasting his eyes to analyze the taste. Then immediately ram the noodles at a high speed In order to enjoy the hot ramen bowl.

Q6: Do chopsticks have to be colored?

A: When eating Japanese food. Allegedly is to eliminate burr But Japanese people don’t do that anymore. Nowadays, the technique of chopsticks production has gone very far. Chopsticks that have already been torn into pieces Will definitely not reach the customers. He has a way to sharpen the wood chopsticks for us to tear it out beautifully. Therefore tearing the wood out and scooping it straight away

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