Khitchakut Mountain in Chanthaburi

Khao Khitchakut is a district in the central part of Chanthaburi Province, eastern Thailand. Khao Kitchakut National Park In the area of ​​Khao Kitchakut or Khao Phrabat. Tamaram District And King Khao Kitchakut. Chantaburi province Composed of mountains Beautiful scenery It has the highest peak at 1,000 meters. It has beautiful natural conditions such as the Krating Waterfall and the geological phenomenon associated with Buddhist mythology. Especially in religious beliefs about the footprints on Kitchakut. It has an area of ​​58.31 square kilometers or 36,444.05 acres.

In 1958, the Prime Minister of Thailand A letter to the Minister of Agriculture. Proposed to preserve Khao Kitchakut forest. Chanthaburi Province It is home to animals and is a national park. The forest department is responsible for forest management in Sriracha. And the order No. 852/2517 dated July 30, 1974 to Mr. Sompol Witkul, a forest expert. To conduct a preliminary survey. The results of the survey. According to a survey report dated June 16, 1975, the area was a complex mountain. Beautiful natural conditions include caves, waterfalls and wildlife. Suitable for the establishment of a national park.

The Royal Forest Department has proposed the National Park Board. The resolution of the 2/2518 meeting on October 22, 1975, it was deemed appropriate to issue a royal decree designated Khao Kitchakut forest area as a national park. The Forest Department has requested the retraction of Khao Kitchakut forest. The status of the national forest reserve in accordance with the Ministerial Regulation No. 49 published in the Government Gazette Volume 82, Part 39, dated May 11, 1965, out of the National Reserved Forest. It is published in the Government Gazette, Vol. 93, No. 108, dated September 7, 1976.

Later, Kitchakut National Park was established. The Royal Decree on the land area Khao Kitchakut. The area is 36,687 rai or 58.70 square kilometers in Tambon Takian Thong. A national park. Published in the Government Gazette, Volume 94, Part 38, dated May 4, 1977, is Thailand’s 14th national park.

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