Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi, Thailand

Bang Saen beach is most popular beach for locals who love to flock here every weekend to swim and enjoy beach activities. There are thousands of deck chairs dot along the 4.5-kilometer stretch beach. You can enjoy the beach by riding the bicycles from rental shops nearby.

Bangsaen Beach is a sandy beach by the Gulf of Thailand located in the area of ​​Saen Suk Subdistrict Mueang Chon Buri District Chonburi Province Is a tourist attraction that is known and popular for a long time among tourists With being near Bangkok with a car journey only takes an hour. At present, Bangsaen beach has been adjusted to be shady and beautiful. The beach is cleaner. The sea is turbid brown. Until becoming a beach to visit again The beach area has cement paths on both sides of the road, shaded by lush trees and beautiful long view. Will walk or cycle along the beach On the way there are many inexpensive seafood shops. Can order to sit and eat at the beach bed The beach area has marine activities such as banana boats, scooters.

Bangsaen Beach can be divided into 2 major parts, namely the beach line on the north side of Bangsaen roundabout that is long until it reaches “Laem Taen”, called “Bangsaen Nua Beach”. The beach line to the south of Bangsaen roundabout Which is long until it touches the pier, next to “Wonnapa Beach” called “Bangsaen Tai Beach For the beach that is bustling and full of shops Restaurants and tourists popular for swimming are Bangsaen Nua beach. As for Bang Saen Tai beach or Wonnapa beach It is a relatively peaceful beach. Less tourists In the evening, this beach is another beautiful sunset viewpoint.

How to get there:

From Bangkok, there are currently two main routes that are used: the Bangna-Trat Highway Route 34 to Chon Buri Province and the motorway or Bangkok – Chon Buri route (new line) connecting to the outer ring.

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