Khao Sam Muk in Chonburi, Thailand

Khao Sam Muk, the symbol in the seal of Chonburi Province Is a low hill Halfway between Ban Ang Sila and Bang Saen Beach, at the foot of the mountain, is the shrine of Khao Sam Muk. Which is worshiped by the general public There are a lot of forest monkeys in Khao Sam Muk area. If driving up the hill, you will get a beautiful view of Bangsaen sea.

A low hillock situated between Ang Sila district and Bang Saen beach is a good spot to see the panoramic view of Chonburi sea. The Sam Muk named was believed to come from a tragic love story between a young lady named Sam Muk who decided to end her life after she couldn’t marry to the man she love. This hilltop is also a home for a group of wild monkey as well.


Khao Sam Muk, formerly known as Sommuk is located next to Bangsaen beach. On the Mount Samuk Mountain, there is the Shrine of the Three Muks It is the worship of the people who live in this area. And the general public. The tribute to the name is assumed to be due to two reasons. The first is probably from the nature of the mountains With a cape standing out to the sea Looking far into a triangle.

Therefore was named Khao Sam Muk. The second comes from the legend that is told that There was a beautiful woman named Sam Muk who was a resident of Bang Pla Soi. Mrs. Kor orphaned parents from young Lived with her grandmother in a hut that was planted on a cliff by the sea, she was beautiful, lived a secluded life Not much mingling with anyone A young man named Saen was the son of the village chief. The riches of the Ang Hin village or the stone basin near this mountain Very fond of playing kite with a whole heart One day, a kite of Saen Khab, fell into the hut of Sam Muk. You can collect kites for young men. When Saen followed the kite, he met Sam Muk. Then he was stunned to see the young lady He never thought that he would find a beautiful woman in a place far from this community. Saen wants to meet Sam Muk again, therefore, come to meet Sam Muk again.

In the end, Sam Muk is soft-hearted, allowing Saen to come to see the house. The two met almost every day. With the closeness and closeness between the two, the young man swore to the young girl that he would love her forever. No one will tear his love. One day, hundreds of thousands wear his ring to the three pulpits as a confirmation that He will love the three porch until death. Not long after, the village chief The wise father of this matter is very angry. Because he was not happy that Sam Mook was poor The village headman immediately gave an ultimatum to marry Mali, the wealthy daughter of Ban Ang Sila. Saen didn’t have a chance to tell Samook the news. On the wedding day of Saen and Mali While very pleased to receive the water He was stunned.

Because Sam Juk stood in front The young woman looks blindingly with the distressing eyes. She carried a conch of water in her hand. Then stretched his shaking hand into the young man’s hand Then she took the ring back to the hundred thousand hands The young lady quickly turned around. Three gags ran to her hut. Sobbing all the way She recalled the hundred thousand vows that had been spoken of to her. Made her very hurt The female protagonist slowly goes to the cliffs by the sea. Eyes look away Then she decided to jump off the cliff Then Saen decided to jump on the cliff to die with the three gags, according to the oath he had given to his lover. Later, the villagers built the Three Muk Shrine at the cliff. At the third joke and a hundred thousand jumped to die. To commemorate the love of both people And called this mountain Khao Sam Mook to this day

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