Ko Loi Island in Chonburi, Thailand

Ko Loi island located off the coast of Si Racha District. Connected by a bridge about 500 meters long with a size of only 3 rai (may be the smallest island in Thailand) and a long bridge about 500 is important in both tourism And historical Upon reaching Koh Loi, there will be a junction to the pier that will take everyone to Koh Sichang. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Si Racha District. Chonburi Province And another junction will lead everyone to “Koh Loy Temple, Sri Maha Racha”


Ko Loi is a famous place of Si Racha District, Chon Buri Province, with an area of ​​3 rai, a small area. 700 meters from the coast of Sriracha. There is a pier to cross to Koh Si Chang. This floating island is home to the Reverend Father Pho Phuea or Phra Kru Pariyat Wararot. Former Abbot of Sri Maha Racha Temple. Every day there are many Buddhists worshiping, there are parks and turtles.

Place to visit:

1. Ko Loi Temple

Ko Loi Temple is the oldest temple for over a hundred years. The temple is located on a hill of floating island. Which is about 700 meters from the shore of Si Racha District, with an area of ​​approximately 3 rai. It is enshrined the white Jade Buddha Bodhisattva. With a height of 4 meters, is the largest white jade Buddha in Thailand Carving by artisans from the Chinese palace With 2 disciples of 2 meters in height, which are enshrined in the Chinese octagonal dragon hood, 48 pillars with a descending roof
and another important thing.

2. Ko Loi Bridge

Sri Maha Racha Company build a railway of bridge for hauling wooden boats. There were not many people in those days with a carpet to build a temple And have continuously developed and expanded. The construction of a new bridge and named the bridge The current Chao Phraya Surasak Montri Bridge.

How to get there:

From Chonburi town, follow Highway 3 (Mittraphap Road) to Si Racha District. When reaching Si Racha District, turn right along the path to the District Office. Drive straight to the end of the road Cross the bridge that protrudes into the sea At the end of the bridge is the floating island of Sriracha. Opening hours are from 04.00 – 02.00.

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