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Koh Si Chang Island in Chonburi, Thailand

Si Chang island is a perfect getaway for travelers addicted to history and having fun. This tiny island has a population of only 5,200 people and mostly fishermen who practice the old way of life. There are beautiful resorts all over the islands with several beaches. Si Chang was the former location of Vimanmek Mansion which is now at Dusit Palace in Bangkok.

Koh Sichang is a famous resort for hundreds of years to date. There is a natural beauty that is different from other tourist attractions. With a peaceful atmosphere, fresh air, beautiful sights Is a tourist island in a local atmosphere that can be visited Travel on a single day or stay overnight. Koh Sichang is an area that is historically important because it is The residence of the King to 3 which is Rama 4, Rama 5 and Rama 6. The evidence from many royal names and Rama 5 was graciously pleased to build the first royal palace on the island. In the summer and the royal title is Juthutuch According to the name of the son who was born on this island.

Places to visit in here:

1. Phra Jutha Thot

An important tourist destination of Ko Sichang Away from Tha Thew Wong in the south of the island Built during the reign of King Rama 5 as a residence for the summer. The buildings Located on the lower hillsides, beautifully gracefully composed of 4 royal houses, 14 houses, 1 pavilion with flower gardens, pools, fountains, caves and cliffs. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, decorated in the form of a park in the palace of the West.

2. Atsadang Bridge

The classic white wooden bridge extending to the sea. Which we are probably familiar with the pictures of lovers who use this bridge have already taken many pre-wedding photos.

3. Wooden House on the River

Wooden House on the River (Green House) during the reign of King Rama 4. Please come to Koh Sichang regularly by steamboat and stay on the royal boat by Did not build the tabernacle that sat But at that time There is a wooden house relaxing by the sea already built, one is the “green house” is still present and in perfect condition and decorated as a coffee shop for Serving tourists.

4. Aphirom house Aphirom

This house is a house where King Chulalongkorn is. Has donated the royal property, while the royal treasury which was hired to build To use as a residence For patients who come to treat in Koh Sichang is known as Arai in the occasion of the King’s birthday on the year 2431 B.E.

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