Mango Farm in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Chachoengsao’s orchards are home to the most beloved fruit in Thailand – the sweet and juicy mango. Approximately 140 square kilometers are dedicated to this agricultural feat, mostly in Amphoe Bang Khla and Plaeng Yao. There are several mango species, each offering a different flavor profile, such as Raet, KhiaoSawoei, Nam Dok Mai, ChaokhunThip and Thong Dam. A mango festival is held annually in March, during mango season, called the Paet Rio Mango and Products Fair.

The orchards are open to visitors 24 hours a day throughout the year. Those interested in a visit may contact the Agricultural Office of Amphoe Bang Khla, at 0 3854 1003, or KhunManopKaeowongnukun, Chairman of the Chachoengsao Mango Orchard Club, at 0 3858 3734 or 08 9938 9097.

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