Nang Ram Beach in Chonburi, Thailand

Nang Ram Beach (Nang Rum Beach or Hat Nang Ram) is the most popular beach in Sattahip, because not only are there enough facilities and restaurants supporting visitors, the beach and sea water, taken care by Thai Navy, is also really beautiful. Only for Thai visitors, there is a giant war ship, named Chakkri Naruebet, look around as well. Also, not far from the Nang Ram beach, visitors will be able to see a small island, where it is a place for seeing shallow coral reefs around, but visitors are not allowed to visit the island itself. The location of Nang Ram Beach is near Jook Samet Port, Sattahip. This 200-meter long beaches situated close to the Sattahip deep-water port and attracts tourists who admire pristine beaches in serene settings. Located towards the end of the beach is the shrine of Kromluang Chumphonkhetudomsak, the Father of the Royal Thai Navy. The atmosphere is very peaceful with shadowy pine trees and rows of frangipani trees.


At first, there was no name for this Nang Ram Beach, because not many people were interested in this area. However, when there was music from the desert island, local Thai residences then started to call the island as Nang Ram Island, and then the beach had also been called Nang Ram Beach. This beach has been taken care by Thai Navy for a long time, so it is neat and beautiful. Currently, visitors need to pay a little for the entrance fees because of maintenance purpose. Additionally, there are several statutes of characters of a Thai literature, name Phra Aphaimanee, at the beach also. Almost forget to say that the length of the beach is approximately 300 meters There are accommodations provided by the navy to support visitors who would like to stay around this area, and there are also several types of rooms so that a range of rooms would well respond to the need of different types of visitors. However, those who would like to have a room on any weekend or holiday should book the room in advance because there would be many other visitors want such rooms.

Those who plan to go to this beach without a private vehicle should know that there are no support transfer vehicles to the beach, including no motorcycle taxi there. It would be better for you to hire a vehicle for this trip.

How to get there:

From Pattaya City, visitors can go to Sattahip by Sukhumvit Road, and then turn left just before the entrance of Sattahip Market. After going Straight on for about five or six kilometers you will be able to see, on the right-hand side, a sign for going to Jook Samet Port (at the area of the statue of King Rama 6). Turn to it, and following a few sign boards, you will see a navy barrier. Turn left just before the barrier, you will find Nang Ram Beach.

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