Wat Khao Din Temple in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Wat Khao Din (Khao Din Temple), officially registered as ‘Wat Patthawi Papphataram’ in 1927 (2470 B.E.) and royally accredited later in 1936 (2479 B.E.), is a temple on the only small mountain in Amphoe Bang Pakong just 500 metres from the motorway. Anyone could enjoy the beauty of the nature which is well conserved on the land of more than 5 hectares. The temple is regarded as one of the main tourist attractions in Amphoe Bang Pakong and proclaimed as by National Office of Buddhism in 2003 (2546 B.E.)

The temple comprises various buildings such as:

  • The two-storied ordination hall. The first floor is an open space for temple’s events with zoning fences and glass walls. The upper floor is the designated ordination area for monastic ceremonies. Drawings illustrating Buddha’s life are also displayed here.
  • Phra Maha That Chedi (Phra Maha That Pagoda). The 20-metre wide, 27-metre long, 39-metre tall pagoda was built in 1997 (2540 B.E.) to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the 72th Anniversary of His Majesty the King. The bell-shape pagoda has 3 stories and is used in various occasions.
  • The old Mondop. This renovated building is presumed to be commemorative for the army quartering in the reign of King Taksin Maha Rat.
  • Yannaphan Sattha Building. The ground floor keeps ‘Phra Phuttha Apaiyathan’ (the Forgiving Buddha). The biggest ‘Luangpho Phutthasothon’ replica is established on the second floor. The image is approximately five-metre wide and twenty-metre tall, including the base height.
  • Memorial Den. The place is said to be the shelter for King Taksin as his army passed by the city. Lighting is now installed inside the den, making it possible for pleasure visit.

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