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4 English Language Schools in Canada

1. ILSC institutions in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

Large schools are located in 3 major Canadian cities. The ILSC Vancouver and Toronto branches are located in the downtown area. Surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafes, and within a few minutes walk from the sky train station.

Highlights of the interest of ILSC:

ILSC received the ST Star Awards 2013, 2014 and ILSC’s received the ST Star Vocational College 2016.

  • There are courses available to meet the diverse needs of learners, such as General English, French, Cambridge / IELTS test prep, University Pathway, Junior ESL, Volunteer English, Business English, 30 & Beyond and a variety of subjects. For students to practice language skills development in various contexts Or with different methods such as Medical English, Creative writing (Story Telling, Acting, Film)
  • ILSC has English through City classes, teaching English outside of the classroom. Each class will meet at various points in the city. For exploration Do activities and learn together The course name is English through Vancouver or English through Toronto. Students will learn and practice using English in practice.
  • Quality teachers … Although ILSC is a private school, ILSC has a teacher union to represent the well-being of teachers. In which the teacher will be able to get a full time job And can join the union Teachers must be well evaluated by the director of the center and students.
  • There is a campus in Montreal for people interested in learning French. Or learn English By practicing the French language as well: ILSC’s Greystone College for study and work in Canada offers a variety of certificate programs. and 2 types of schedules to choose from: Full-Time Intensive (30 lessons) and Full-time (24 lessons) per week. * One 50-minute lesson which will be divided into core and skill.

2. ILAC Institute in Vancouver and Toronto

Large English language schools ILAC Canadian brand that focuses on teaching and English language development at 2 major cities in Canada including Vancouver and Toronto. ILAC is one of the English language schools that Is currently the most popular in Canada.

Highlights / interesting points of ILAC:

ILAC is an internationally recognized institution The institute has received many awards. From within Canada, such as Consumer Choice 2012 – 2018, Top Choice Award 2007 – 2012, international awards such as 2017 Best Customer Service from Brazil, Japan Best School Award 2010, 2013, 2017, 2018 and international awards such as ST Star Awards 2018, ST Super. Star Lifetime award etc.

  • Diversity of students with a male age and culture – for age 26-31% are students aged 19-21 years, 41-42% aged 22-27 years and about 28-32% aged 28 years + // for nationality Toronto Campus 29% comes from Asia, 39% comes from Latin America & Brazil, 32% comes from Europe, Middle East & Africa and Vancouver Campus 23% comes from Europe, Middle East & Africa, 38% comes from Asia, 39% comes From Latin America & Brazil
  • School atmosphere and environment – ILAC is known for its freshness. Modern design, airy and open to look modern
  • For branches in Toronto- ILAC, Dream House Residence is also the dormitory of the institution itself.
  • Textbook – ILAC has textbooks produced by the institute in collaboration with Oxford University Press.
  • Study Course – ILAC offers English language courses With a variety of subjects for students to choose to study as well The ILAC exam preparation program includes TOEFL prep, and the most prominent ILAC program is the University Pathway for students wishing to study in Canada, because the ILAC has a partnership with more than 82 institutions of higher education in every state of Canada. In which students can study language at the University Pathway program at ILAC to finish at the specified level Can enroll in ILAC’s College / University partnership without submitting English language proficiency test results

3. VGC Institute, Vancouver

VGC is a well-known institution in Vancouver. All faculty here are required to graduate with a degree from the university. Have a teaching license And have previous work experience related to teaching. The institute also has a new and fully equipped facility for students.

Highlights / interesting points of VGC:

There is a strict policy on hiring teachers to ensure that people not only have quality. But also ready to help push you to your goal.

  • The VGC faculty and staff understand that each student has different goals. The tutor will pay attention to the student’s learning development. And adjusting approach to becoming the best guidance through the learning experience
  • VGC is very proud of the diversity of its culture. There are applications from over 70 countries around the world to study in Canada. Your classroom will be full of learners with different backgrounds and cultures. This will help you expand the reach of international friends and become citizens of the real world.
  • A unique study program called Global English (using English for general communication along with academic skills). You will be able to use general English in everyday life, along with development skills and special privileges.
  • Helping thousands of international students to achieve their goals Whether it is conquering the scores for the university entrance examination Or improve your English skills. VGC will make you successful.
  • There are a lot of Business English Certificate courses to choose from

4. TAMWOOD Institute in Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler

A medium-sized school with branches in 2 major cities in Canada: Vancouver and Toronto, and the main tourist city of Canada is Whistler. In comparison to the two large schools, foreign mates often call Tamwood as small and boutique school.

Highlights / interesting points of TAMWOOD:

TAMWOOD Guarantee – Tamwood guarantees that all students of TAMWOOD will develop to a higher level of English every 2 weeks. * Do not develop and meet school conditions. Will be able to study further without paying tuition fees

  • TAMWOOD’s methodology which consists of organizing English + + Workshop every Friday afternoon With interactive activities for students to practice using and improving English skills faster + Personal Coaching for students who study more than 4 weeks to work with teachers 1 – 1 to improve English skills to meet their goals. By yourself
  • Academic Report – In addition to the diploma of admission that is offered to all institutions, TAMWOOD also has a language assessment and progress report that explains the language ability in listening, reading, writing, speaking, along with the development in each period of Learners also give
  • There is a branch in Whistler, a tourist town. For outdoor activities – for students who want to improve their English language skills in general and practice English in real life with English for Real Life lessons, along with the time and opportunity to get Ski, Snowboard or Mountain Bike after school everyday. ** Including the course Certificate / Diploma in Hospitality, Service, Tourism or Good and Beverage for studying and working at Whistler.
  • TAMWOOD Career – Study and work in Canada. TAMWOOD has a distinct certificate program under the Tamwood Career brand. There is also a Startup School called Global Startup School that teaches about Innovation & Entrepreneur.
  • Another specialty is the Summer Camp from July to August. For students aged 7-17 from around the world. TAMWOOD’s Summer Camp is primarily focused on activities (if not English and Activity camp for students aged 7-12). Examples of 13-year-old camps include Teen Global Learner Camp. , Teen Outdoor Leadership Camp, Future of Work: Career Planing etc.
  • Volunteer Projects – For students who want to volunteer And practice using TAMWOOD English as an option for you The TAMWOOD Volunteer Program consists of Forest and Nature Conservation Projects. A) Preservation / Conservation / Beautification at Lake Louise, Yoho, Kootenay National Park, Alberta State, or B) Banff National Park Conservation Leadership Ceritificate Program for the Animal Program consists of C) Small Animal Rescue City. Vancouver or Ontario, D) OWL Raptors Rehabilitation in Vancouver ** Students interested in volunteering Want to practice using English from actual use Preferring to study English with TAMWOOD and continuing with the Institute’s volunteer program
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