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The First Dark Shadow Queen

The First Dark Shadow Queen
Other names: 第一黑料影后
Author: wei girl
Genre: Novel
Release: 2019
Status: Chapter 2275


“I am Hiddenly Married with My My Enemy After Going Back”] Going back to the infamous and brutally banned queen, hype, plastic surgery, minor third, bribery, playing big names, unspoken rules?
The domineering sneer after a generation of pets, a strong return!
Punch the actor, kick the actor, dominate the entertainment circle!
Kick my husband, wave out of the sky, out of the universe, out of the space, so crazy!
The empress said that as long as she can get rid of the dog emperor, she will recognize her crossing!
But goose…what the fuck! Especially the old lady’s husband looks exactly the same as the dog emperor’s hair! ! !


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