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Do you know how much sleep affects the body?

Sleep is everyone’s daily routine but people can’t sleep well,. “Too many to be sick.”

Do you know how much sleep affects the body, including memory, thoughts, decisions, and emotional states?

Everything got worse become impulsive. The research about what scientists believe: sleep conditions (especially during deep sleep) can help restore the body well. During sleep that body will have periods of deep and shallow sleep alternating each night.

The initial phase will occur Non-Rem Sleep is the period of shallow to deep sleep. Then, Rem Sleep is a cycle in which various muscles Stop working except for the heart, diaphragm, eye muscles and smooth muscles Which was a period in which his dreams were earnestly.

Both periods can be switched each night If deep sleep for a long time, it will make sense that … “Get to sleep fully”

In fact, “sleep time” is not an answer, it’s clear information. Some people may be 6-8 hours, some people may sleep just 5 hours is enough. … if you have enough deep sleep periods!

Therefore, the most important thing about sleep is “How to have a deep sleep period? Most effective ” from research in the laboratory We let the tester put in a small device for testing. What was discovered is that during deep sleep there will be a long wave of brain waves called “delta waves”.

“Delta wave” is important for deep sleep Resulting in deep sleep effectively

The sound is in the same wavelength as our brain waves When your brain enters deep sleep This audio format enhances Your intelligence has really improved.

Therefore, if we want to sleep deeply at night No need to have The equipment can be used like in the laboratory. An easy way to turn on a sound with a frequency equal to the delta wave, which is easily found in both YouTube and sleep aid applications.

When we sleep as deep as we want it will have enormous health benefits. Deep sleep with delta waves helps us change all interactions.

It’s not just waking up and refreshing But the body is fully relaxed The body muscles have stretched and stretched. Relaxing mind No stress while sleeping, good memory, good mood and importantly the delta wave is an indicator of true biological youth.

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