Basic Chinese

Did you know that Chinese have two style? One is Simplified Chinese and another one is traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese use in China and traditional Chinese use in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and community in various country.

In this book will teach you in Simplified Chinese which use more frequently than traditional Chinese.

In Chinese language have about 56,000 characters but people use 6,763 characters in regular and if you know only 3,000 characters then you can read newspapers and live like people in China.

The pronunciation in Chinese words can use consonant sounds with vowels and then pronounce with lower tones. Also, the consonant sounds will not be lonely. They must be mixed with the vowels and the vowels will be blended with the consonant.

There are 21 consonants in the Chinese language as ㄅ ㄆ ㄇ ㄈ ㄉ ㄊ ㄋ ㄌ ㄍ ㄎ ㄏ ㄐ ㄑ ㄒ ㄓ ㄔ ㄕ ㄖ ㄗ ㄘ ㄙ.