Chinese Pronunciation

Chinese language thatsome people do not know that Chinese is divided into 2 types as Chinese and Taiwanese.

In Taiwan, they still use the traditional Chinese or full Chinese character style. By using the Zhuyin (注音) system in spelling. 

In China, they makes it easy to learn Chinese on learning by use Pinyin (拼音) or use the Roman alphabet as a symbol for spelling. This system is easy to learn Chinese than Zhuyin system.

Use “Pinyin (拼音)” is  to help you read Chinese pronunciation correctly.

Chinese Pronunciation have two parts which are initials and finals. Initials is shēnɡ mǔ (consonant) and finals is yùn mǔ (vowels). 

There are Pinyin elements as 

1. Consonant (声母 = shēnɡ mǔ) has 23 sounds

2. Vowels (韵母 =  yùn mǔ) is divided into 36 vowels.

2.1) Single Vowels with 6 sounds

2.2) Mixing Vowels with 30 sounds

3. Tones (声调 = shēngdiào) have 4 tones and low tones