Court Battle 决胜法庭 Episode 39 Recap

After Tie Li arrived in court, Gao Jian asked whether there were other people in the illegal fund-raising case he was not punished by law. Tie Li said that he was involved in the management of Shihua Company. He thought that only Qiu Bingsen and Lan Hepei would call the boss in a panic when Lan Hepei killed Meng Keqing. Tie Li said at this time that he knew that there was still someone behind the scenes, and that behind the scenes was his respected teacher Ye Longen.

Ye Ziqi asked Tie Li whether Meng Keqing heard Ye Longen’s voice when he was killed, why he did not call the police directly. Tie Li said that he wanted to find out the ambassador behind Shihua Group. Ye Ziyao directly asked Tie Li whether he had covered a murder case, and whether there was any reason to doubt the truth of what he had just said. Tie Li said he could explain that Tie Li thinks that Shihua’s business is non-ferrous metals and that minerals are overseas, but Lan Hepei never left Jiangdong. He once asked Lan Hepei Minerals who was in charge of the scene. Lan Hepei only said no Do n’t ask what you ask.

Second, 70% of Shihua ’s money went to Lan Hepei. Qiu Bingsen wanted to transfer funds when being investigated. However, these money were stolen by Miranda and there was a USB flash drive, and Gao Jian took the USB flash drive. Gao Jian said that there was a large amount of money transfers in it, and there was a Hailifa company that collected the money. This part of the money was transferred to Heisen Island. Ye Longen asked how to move to Heisen Island. Gao Jian said that after investigation, he found that Heisen was Ye Longen’s pen name, and Heisen Island belonged to Ye Longen’s property. Xi Gaojian said that Qian was transferred to a 35-year-old Chinese woman’s account, and Ye Longen and the woman had a son together. Ye Longen explained his relationship with the woman and admitted that she had a son, Ye Ziqi as a defender, and Ye Ziyao in the court.

Ye Longen said that he did not know about the fund transfer, and Shihua Group did not know about the illegal fund raising. Ye Ziqi applied to ask Tieli whether she had a tendency to be violent towards her client and how to determine whether her client would go to sea. Xi Tieli said that he was trying to bring Ye Longen to accept legal sanctions. Tie Li said that he has always paid attention to the people behind Shihua, and also knew the time when Ye Longen went to sea through the yacht club.

Ye Ziqi accused Tie Li of failing to stop Ye Longen in time, and Tie Li said that he was hunted down and did not have the right to stop. However, he still sent the obtained evidence to the police by express delivery. Tie Li acknowledged that he had overtaken Ye Longen’s yacht and wanted to kill Ye Longen to avenge his father, and the judge demanded that Tie Li withdraw from court.

Gao Jian continued to show evidence that a large amount of cash was found on Ye Longen’s yacht. Ye Longen denied that the money in it was not his own, and he did not know it. Gao Jian continued to show the number of the banknotes Ye Longen withdrew from the bank, and the money was mixed in the yacht’s large amount of cash. Ye Longen said that this only shows that the 10,000 yuan is his own, and the rest of the money is not necessarily his own.

The two sides were deadlocked and the judge proposed adjournment. Ye Ziqi drank at a former school, and Gao Jian also came to the school. Ye Ziqi talked about the past of several people going to school together, and said that once Gao Jian was injured, he must break into the boy’s dormitory to bandage his wounds. Ye Ziqi asked Gao Jian if she remembered seeing her father for the first time. Gao Jian said that it was during the freshmen’s enrollment meeting, and she listened to the teacher saying a lot about law.

Fu Xiaorou returned home and saw his mother helping Gaoshuang to wash her hair. She wanted to help her mother to stop her from saying that she was reading a book on middle school students’ psychology and understood how to get along with children. Washed in high frost. Ye Ziqi said that she didn’t know why, she just liked to be near Gao Jian. Looking at the feelings of Gao Jian over the past few years, the gift that Gao Jian sent back was always with him, and he would listen to the voices on his birthday every year. Ye Ziqi decided to return the recording pen sent by Gao Jian to Gao Jian, because the relationship between the two people will not be the same in the future, so let’s end it now. Ye Ziqi told Gao Jian that the recording pen was very precious to herself and left.

Fu Xiaorou’s mother combed her hair for the high frost after washing her hair, while comforting the high frost. Fu Xiaorou’s mother coaxed Gao Shuang, and told her daughter that Gao Shuang will gradually get better, and she will gradually adjust it. When Ye Ziqi returned home, she looked at her sister first, covered her with a quilt, and returned to the room until she didn’t sleep until late. Among them, Gao Jian didn’t answer the phone. Gao Jian listened to the sound in the recording pen, and just heard Ye Longen’s voice.

The case about Ye Longen was reopened. Gao Jian showed a photo of Lan Hepei’s vehicle. The body of Lan Hepei had been corrupted, but Lan Hepei died of poisoning after forensic testing. Gao Jian found a mobile phone from the victim’s car. The owner of the mobile phone was Huang Shuzhen.

Gao Jian from a series of evidence believes that Ye Longen killed Lan Hepei, Gao Jian applied for Tieli to go to court, and Tie Rongguang owns Tie Rongguang. He sent the card to Ma Lixing to find out who Huang Shuzhen was. Defender Ye Ziqi said that even if the owner is himself Huang Shuzhen, he can’t recognize that this is his own. Wu Gaojian proved that Huang Shuzhen had indeed died more than a decade ago, dismissing Ye Ziyao’s question. Ye Ziyao continued to ask Tie Li if he had actually met Lan Hepei, Qiu Bingsen and Ye Longen. Tie Li said no, but provided additional information.

Bian Tieli said that after he was wanted by the police, Ye Longen called Sabre to ask Ma Lixing some trouble. I confirmed that the person who called through the Marina Club was Ye Longen. Ye Ziqi said that these cannot be finalized directly, and she asked the collegiate bench to refuse to accept the letter. Gao Jian continued to present evidence of big data information and applied for horsepower to appear in court. After Ma Lixing came to court, he listed the connections between Yin Dali, Zhou You, Lan Hepei’s murder.

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