Court Battle 决胜法庭 Episode 40 End Recap

Ma Lixing said that after Tie Rongguang was imprisoned, Ye Longen used iron power to threaten Tie Rongguang from behind. Tie Rongguang committed suicide in prison. Ding Hong had been monitoring Tie force because of his son Ding Tian, ​​who had fallen out with Ye Longen Li killed Ding Hong. Lan Hepei is Ye Longen’s most trusted person, but because of emotional problems, Lan Hepei killed his lover Meng Keqing, and finally killed him with hydrogen cyanide. Ye Longen said that Ma Lixing said that there was no evidence at all. Li Maxing continued to say that he had obtained the results through big data comparisons.

Ye Longen still said that big data comparisons could not explain the problem. The law focused on evidence. The presiding judge said that if there is no other evidence, the court will now adjourn immediately. Wu Gaojian said that he applied for two new pieces of evidence, which can prove that the background of big data is Ye Longen himself. Ye Ziqi cried and remembered that she sent the evidence to Gao Jian. Gao Jian said that the two pieces of evidence involved personal privacy, and he wanted to show them to the defendant first.

Ye Longen looked at Ye Ziqi after looking at the photos. Ye Ziqi remembered the scene where Lan Hepei called her father for help, and she took the picture. Ye Ziqi has been crying after the filming. Ye Longen thought he told Lan Hepei to let him go to the United States to avoid it. He would think of a way to send money to him, and then Ye Longen gave Lan Hepei a bottle of wine and saw him off. Lan Hepei died of poisoning after drinking. Ye Longen started Lan Hepei’s car, and the car slowly drove into the sea. Wu Gaojian said that the second piece of evidence was a voice recorder, which was also given to Ye Ziqi before the trial. The recording was a call between Ye Longen and Lan Hepei.

The presiding judge asked the public prosecutor to play the recorded file. Ye Longen said that it was unnecessary to play it. He told Gao Jian that he had won, and he had won with the person he cared about most. Ye Longen said he pleaded guilty now, and Lan Hepei did kill him, and everything about Heisen Island was related to him. He is proud of having students like Gao Jian.

Ye Ziqi came to prison to see Ye Longen. Ye Longen asked Ye Ziqi if she knew why Gao Jian was not allowed to play the recording in the court. Ye Ziqi said that the recording was given by her. She did not expect that her favorite father would one day stand on the opposite side of the law. She wanted to know What is Ye Longen doing all this for? Ye Longen said that he is mortal. From a poor student to now, he has a dream to accumulate a foundation for the Ye family and sue his ancestors. Ye Ziqi said that at the moment he decided to leave her and Zi Yao, and even left another home. Ye Longen said that he would be a father and daughter in this life. He asked Ye Ziqi to leave, and he was going to see her grandfather. At this time Gao Jian also entered the prison and looked at Ye Longen’s back.

Ye Ziyao came to prison to see Tieli. Tieli asked Ye Ziya how have you been recently. Ye Ziyao said she couldn’t let him go. Tie Li said they were enemies, they were impossible, and his dad couldn’t live. Ye Ziyao said why she was so cruel to her. Tie Li said that there is no love between them anymore, and he wants to tell her today that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her and the Ye family. Ye Ziyao shouted that she would wait for him all the time. She knew that Tieli didn’t want to affect her so she deliberately avoided her. Tieli squatted on the ground and cried.

Ye Longen was eventually sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life. Tie Li was involved in intentional homicide and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Gao Jian returned home and found that Gao Shuang was asleep. He picked up Gao Shuang’s composition to see that the composition was about Gao Jian. The general content was that his father was a prosecutor, but his government affairs were very busy, and his father was also very concerned. She, she did n’t understand before, now she finally understands dad. Dad is promoting justice and maintaining the fairness of the law. She is now proud of having such a dad.


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