Japanese Type of Characters

Japanese not only language but they have many differences type of characters. They have Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters.

Learning Japanese is up to the learners. If you have a basic knowledge of the Kanji writing system. It will be seen as a language that is not too difficult. However for most people who do not have knowledge about Kanji then you have to be intention on who to learn Japanese. This is no more than effort.

In addition in Kanji characters that are a major problem for learning Japanese but other characters from both Hiragana and Kantagana are also characters that are very important for learning Japanese. This is because both Hiragana and Katakana is a sign of pronunciation. For learner does not need to remember how words is spell but it can be pronounced and you will be able to spell.

The characters for Japanese language are follows from three main types as:

  1. Hiragana
    There are 48 symbols used for words that are not in the kanji or at the end of a verb or as an auxiliary word and Hiragana is used as a reading word for the kanji. To help readers, which is called Furigana.
  2. Katakana
    There are 48 symbols in the alphabet representing the sounds in one type of Japanese language. Used to write words borrowed from foreign languages. Foreign name And place names in foreign countries and use to write words that mimic sounds in nature and use to write the Japanese names of animals and minerals.
  3. Kanji
    Kanji is Chinese alphabet that used in the Japanese writing system because Kanji is the Chinese character used in Japanese. One kanji can therefore be read in many ways maybe up to ten designs or more. Depending on the sentence form and a compound word or word position in that sentence. There are around 50,000 characters in Kanji but only 2,000-3,000 are used in Japan.