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Lifetime of Bliss and Contentment With You


Lin Yan is a professional car racer who fell from grace after her sister set her up. She becomes an actress for the sake of her boyfriend, who later cheats on her with her sister. Her life, career and relationships reach a slump.

Enter Pei Yucheng, the president of the JM corporation—a multinational conglomerate. He is unfathomable, cold and aloof. At random, he would mysteriously lose control of himself, and Lin Yan is the only one who is able to calm him down. The first time she meets him, she feels an indescribable fear deep within her soul. Unbeknownst to her, they had met each other a long time ago, but she had chosen to forget him…

Soon, something puzzling and strange begins to happen to her. Occasionally, she loses consciousness and ends up in Pei Yucheng’s room the next day, completely unaware of how she ended up there. She suspects that something has possessed her…

Lifetime of Bliss and Contentment With You
Associated Names: Yúshēng Yǒu Nǐ, Tián Yòu Nuǎn, 余生有你,甜又暖
Jiong Jiong You Yao 囧囧有妖
Genre(s): Drama, Josei, Romance, Supernatural
Year: 2019
Status: 1137+ Chapters (Ongoing)

List of Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Is This How You Repay Me?
  • Chapter 2 Who Dares to Bully You?
  • Chapter 3 Don’t Do Anything Foolish, Or You Will Get Hurt
  • Chapter 4 Only She Could Save Our Boss
  • Chapter 5 Instant Recovery
  • Chapter 6 He Lost Control Again
  • Chapter 7 The Consequences of Lying to Me
  • Chapter 8 I Still Have You, Don’t I?
  • Chapter 9 An Instinctive Fear
  • Chapter 10 Consciousness Taking Over Her Body
  • Chapter 11 I Almost Had a Heart Attack
  • Chapter 12 I Can’t Stay Calm With You Like This
  • Chapter 13 You Are Already Disrespectful
  • Chapter 14 Huge Misfortune
  • Chapter 15 It Is Too Hard to Suppress
  • Chapter 16 She Was the One Who Had Taken Advantage of Him
  • Chapter 17 I Really Don’t Care About Worldly Temptations
  • Chapter 18 This Role Is Definitely Mine
  • Chapter 19 The Boss Came Personally
  • Chapter 20 For the Supporting Actress

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