Happy Community 幸福院 Episode 22 Recap

Feng Xia agreed with father-in-law Cui Litian and his comrades in retirement, but her husband Cui Kai did not agree. In order to persuade her husband Cui Kai to agree, Feng Xia invited Yu Laole to work as a mediator. After Lao Le came to the door and went to the toilet, Cui Kai quickly adjusted the time alarm clock. Yu Laodong has a habit of doing things. As long as the alarm goes off, he must first stop doing things. Yu Laole went to the living room after going to the toilet and persuaded Cui Kai to agree with his father Cui Litian to live in a nursing home.

Early in the morning, Cui Litian went out to exercise in the park. His comrades brought up the matter of Yu Laole and Han Fen’s blind date. Yu Laole quickly clarified his relationship with Han Fen. Han Fen is dating. Yu Lao Le shifted the topic and mentioned that the Happy House will hold an anniversary celebration. The Happy House planned to invite Happy Band to help, and Yu Lao planned to accept the invitation from the Happy House, just to take the opportunity to lead their children to the Happy House to see the environment of the Happy House. As long as the children understand the environment of the happy home, they may change their minds and agree to their father’s living in the happy home.

On the day of the opening of Xingfuyuan, Liu Simin sent his mother to formally live in Xingfuyuan. When Yuan Xiaomei saw Liu Simin coming to the happy courtyard, she looked nervous, and for a moment she didn’t know what to do. Yuan Xiaomei thought she had attracted Liu Simin’s resentment, and Liu Simin quickly explained that she liked Yuan Xiaomei. Suddenly he realized that he was confessing to Yuan Xiaomei, and was embarrassed for a moment, he simply found a reason to slip away. Yuan Xiaomei stood on the spot, remembering every word that Liu Simin said, her heart was as sweet as eating honey.

Yu Yulao led the band over and Yuan Xiaomei slipped away. Yuan Yuan led Daluo and Xiaoya to visit the Happy Home. Yu Daler found that the Happy Home was well-equipped and considered in all aspects. It is a good place for the elderly to care for the elderly. Originally in Dale, he thought that the Happy Home was as poorly equipped as other nursing homes. Now that he has seen the environment of the Happy Home in person, he realizes that the Happy Home is better than he thought. However, despite the good environment, Yu Dale and Xiao Ya were still not assured to have their father in a nursing home.

At the end of the performance, Cui Litian watched Zhao Spirit and Han Fen dancing. Zhao Spirit and Han Fen talked and laughed. Cui Litian looked in his eyes and couldn’t say what was wrong. Cui Litian began to believe that Yu Laole did not associate with Han Fen. Han Fen was going through the formalities of living in a nursing home. Cui Litian could no longer control his inner curiosity and questioned the relationship between Han Fen and Zhao Spirit.

Xun Zhao’s spirit denied that he was with Han Fen, and Zheng Jing suddenly appeared. Cui Litian turned to suspect that Zheng Jing and Han Fen were with him. Seeing Cui Litian when he saw someone, Zhao Spirit asked the other party if he was dealing with Han Fen, and quickly pulled away Zheng Jing. Cui Litian watched Zheng Jing’s departing back, with a hint of unhappiness on his face.

After the celebration, Zhao Spirit proposed that everyone pay money to the Happy House before telling their children afterwards. After the raw rice is cooked, the children will no longer object. Yuan Yuan answered the phone call from Lao Le. At Lao Le’s request, he agreed to accept the money transferred from the people to the Happy House. Xun Zhao’s spirit also transferred the money into the card number sent by Lao Le. Cui Litian also wanted to make a payment at home, but he could not find Cui Kai’s passbook. So he had to call Cui Kai, Cui Kai unexpectedly gave the passbook to his wife, he never kept the passbook himself.

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