Forward Forever 热血同行 Episode 38 Recap

According to Chong Liming’s arrangement, Si San and Wagner came to the Warwick pharmacy opened by the British to investigate and found that customers were lining up to buy clinline. After talking with the boss, they learned that the drug was in short supply and not distributed in other pharmacies. However, Plague Dog investigated near Taihe Yanghang’s warehouse, and he quickly grasped the rules of departure and return of British cargo ships.

Wu Deqi was going to take Chong Liming to participate in the peace talks. Chong Liming didn’t want to participate, so he annoyed Deqi, and Chong Liming quickly found an excuse to leave. Chong Liming came to see Ai as promised. The two met after a long absence. They were very excited to meet each other. Chong Liming showed off that he wanted to snooze with foreigners. Ai felt that his efforts were not worth it. After hearing what he said, the two eventually broke up. Chong Liming dejected and returned to his residence. When Yu learned that Ayi had come to Shanghai, he wanted to find him. Chong Liming hurriedly stopped, saying that they and Ayi belonged to two camps at the beginning.

Si San and Wagner saw the citizens rushing to place a bet at the concession betting point. They reported the situation to Chong Liming, but Yan Xin and Wengou also returned to life. Chong Liming concluded that the British wanted to completely monopolize the pharmaceutical market He wanted to thwart their conspiracy, and Wagner proposed to find experts in the medical school to identify the hallucinogenic effects of cholin, in order to awaken the public. Chong Liming learned that the bookmaker had offered him odds several times higher than Joe’s, which was a low opinion of him. He was very unconvinced, and brought the bright members to the betting point. Everyone made a bet, betting Chong Liming to win the championship, Chong Liming also stepped forward and publicly announced that he would win at all costs, so that all countries in the world could see the Chinese style, and Si San gave a hundred and two to Daqiao and Chong Liming, this will ensure that he is invincible.

Deqi represented the Qing government and the southern government in peace talks. The southern government proposed to let the Qing emperor abdicate, and the two sides were in a deadlock. Deqi had to come to Mary for help. This was in the heart of Mary’s heart, and Mary took a stance that was not relevant to her. Deqi She begged her to mediate, and gave her the valuable jade wish, which was a tribute given by the craftsman to the queen mother, and Mary couldn’t help it. Chong Liming was late, and the beginning of the language was anxious. Mary went out and saw her at the beginning of the language, and laughed at her at the beginning of the language.

Chong Liming found that Hua Jiuqing was eating opium, promised to help her get rid of her drug addiction, and forced her back to the station. Chong Liming tied Hua Jiuqing to the bed, and promised to see her every half hour, as long as she could survive it. In three days, the drug addiction can be completely quit. Peking dogs and others do not understand Chong Liming’s approach, because few people can stick to it, and it is easy to kill if they don’t master it. Hua Jiuqing committed a drug addiction. She was in pain and shouted at Chong Liming, and Chong Liming accompany her. He was so angry that Chong Liming held her tightly and encouraged him to work hard. , Hua Jiuqing gradually calmed down.

When Chong Liming went out, he saw that Yu Yu was elementary outside the door. He just wanted to explain. Yu Chu quickly interrupted him because she believed in Chong Li Ming’s character. Mr. Jin couldn’t find Hua Jiuqing everywhere. The big cat lied that he didn’t know the whereabouts of Hua Jiuqing. Peter Hong revealed to him that Hua Jiuqing and Chong Liming were together. Wagner went to the professor in the medical school for help, but he refused to help test clonline because he didn’t dare to offend foreigners. Plague Dog suggested to find the collin’s drug test report from customs documents to confirm its hallucinogenic effect. Chong Liming Discuss with everyone to steal from Customs and Taihe Yangxing. At this time, the waiter of Licha Hotel brought a bottle of red wine, claiming that it was from the Far East Company, and wished Chong Liming a successful opening.

The IWC was officially opened. The people came to the entrance of the Licha Hotel early in the morning and shouted slogans to cheer for Chong Liming. Representatives from various countries also came one after another, but Chong Liming was late. Wagner went upstairs to urge Chong Liming, but Chong Liming and Hua Jiuqing stayed alone for a while. Chong Liming personally fed Hua Jiuqing to drink porridge, but she insisted on taking medicine. Chong Liming encouraged her to continue for another day, waiting for tomorrow. Once you can completely quit drug addiction, Hua Jiuqing knocks down the bowl and picks up the tiles on the ground to stab Chong Liming’s back. Chong Liming endures pain and hugs Hua Jiuqing and promises to keep Accompany her to quit the drug addiction. When she heard the upstairs at the beginning of the speech, she immediately went up to check and saw that Hua Jiuqing cried with Chong Liming.

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