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The five great disasters in the poor war are not over, and the plague front and the robbery chaos Hongmeng. There is no shortage of famous swords and Tiance, Xiao Yun talks about Yue Juebing Feng. A long time ago, the two great forces from Shenhuandiyu, the Yishangxu tribe and the Bing’e Jianwen, wanted to invade the Central Plains’ hardships with great power. In order to prevent evil and catastrophe, the Yulong hermit Yue Yunshen and Hengshan Jianxianxian discussed countermeasures.

The Jianxianxian invited Wan Shuyi to reflect the azure jade mirror and the sword robbery of the heavens. They will fight to the death with the lord of the clan and the ruler of heaven and earth. With the timely assistance of the sky fire, thrills and curb the evil. From then on, the place of blood battle was called the Mountain of Five Peaks. Now, where is the whereabouts of Jian Fengyun, who is urged by Demon Fire and Mo Shang to reopen and inherit the fate of Jian Fengyun? Can he stop the devil again. In the Central Plains, years of wars and fires have caused the people of the Central Plains to be displaced.

For a long time, among the people, there have been seldom known things in oral language. Whenever wars occur, they will hear the sound of disasters and cry birds, and they will guide the holy way. What is the origin of the so-called catastrophe bird? Where will the displaced victims go? What is the truth behind it? Sword plague, thousands of miles away, a story about swords, endless rivers and lakes, tragedy of warriors. In the Scarlet Pagoda, the master of Fengyue with two scales in the world, combined with the power of the different demon, wants to relieve the seal of war. Sword plague will rise, who can stop it? On the top of Yongxu, goodbye to vulgar Taoism, Jin Feng sharp.

A story belonging to the Tianyu Sword Clan will reveal the unknown past of the famous Jian Wuming Tired Reaping Heaven. What is the relationship between him and Jian Jieqi Tianren? In Yuchuan Wonderland Tianxiaping, the mysterious strange man Yushu Dan Guiyue was born without any lack, and he strongly prevented the plan of Jian Xianxian. Is he the evil? What legend will open again? The Yulong hermit who wants to use the remaining sky fire as the last fight, but feels the cold wind and death, invades the Yulongju, palms the wisdom of death-Yutian Jiuchen is surprised to see the Yulongju, and judges the moment of Yue Yun’s deep death, Yulong Can the hermit escape from death?

Jing Tao Jun, who wants to travel to the Mingyu Gorge, appears in front of him with a blue-clothed healer. The sound of the water is not the sky healed. Is it redemption or killing? In the dark moment of despair, the familiar Yuehua figure suddenly appeared, and the vulgar fairy talked about no desire to cross the red dust. Can he reverse the robbery of the jade dragon, and can he stop the evil of the sword?

Pili Bing beacon
Alternative Titles: 霹靂兵烽決
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: ongoing
Genres: anime, Animation
Aired: N/A
Broadcast: N/A
Starring: Tan Wuyu, Jiangnan Chunxin, Tired Harvest Heaven, Jade Dragon Hermit