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Gymnanthemum Extensum Detail

Gymnanthemum Extensum is an herb originated in China. Properties in the formulation of Chinese medicine Helps reduce sugar levels Lower blood pressure Reduce fat in the blood vessels Prevent the occurrence of gout Reduce joint pain Hemorrhoids relief Detoxifying Increase sexual performance Stimulate the immune system Cure poisoning and chronic diseases.

The excellent medicinal properties make Nanchao Wei have other names, such as ‘Lonely Cemetery’ or ‘Dull Cemetery’, reflecting the prevention and treatment of diseases, causing the illness to subside. But consuming Nanchao Wei continuously for a long time may have unexpected effects on the body, especially the liver and kidneys that have to work hard and may even deteriorate. Patients with liver and kidney disease do not recommend continuous consumption of Nanchao Wei because their work values ​​will rise to dangerous levels. For those with diabetes, who need to control their blood sugar levels carefully, because strong effects can cause side effects from sudden hypoglycemia. Pregnant women and women preparing for pregnancy should not consume.

Nanchao Wei consumption is not recommended for consumption as a medicine. Except for occasional physical nourishment, then leave some space for the liver and kidneys to drop to normal levels If there are any abnormal symptoms from Nanchao consumption, such as fainting, palpitations, sweating, should stop immediately, and if there are severe symptoms, should consult a doctor for further treatment.

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