Mohingka (Burmese) Food

Mohingka is a food for Burmese and minorities in Burma, mainly eating rice and menus Mon Monk trade or Kanom Jeen Myanmar Is a national dish popular in Myanmar for breakfast Available for purchase in general. There are dry and liquid versions. Kanom Jeen Burmese solution is Kanom Jeen, a solution made from fish without fish, similar to the wild solution of Thai people. Use freshwater fish to make, such as catfish, snakehead fish, vegetables that are added in the solution will be Tap the banana and use the bean flour. Making the curry paste.

The process of making this Burmese moha noodles are as

  1. Pound the curry ingredients together.
  2. Bring to simmer in boiling water. Season with white soy sauce, salt and sugar to taste. Simmering indefinitely until the curry is rich and rich.
  3. Put the rice noodles and seasonings in a bowl, add the coriander sauce and roasted peppers, ready to serve.

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