Zao City in Yamagata, Japan

Zao City is located in Yamagata Prefecture of Japan. The city have famous places for Onsen and ski. As Zao ski also have famous Snow monster area. This is because the view from the cable car will see many shape of ice and snow. The snow from there look like a demon shape. For those who have a plan to visit this city. I would recommend to visit Zao Onsen Ski resort. The special thing in here is on the way down from the top of the hill will see ice trees or most beautiful snow monster. This will be during in January – March from winter season. Zao’s icy tree is so beautiful and they called as “Natural world heritage site in the winter (Cold) season”.

Over there also has a ski area around ​​305 hectares, 41 ropeway which is known as the largest ski area in Japan with a length of up to 10 km for people who like ski to play or do some activities all day. There is also an onsen to soak, relax and absorb the atmosphere as well.

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